Pisces Moon on hand to welcome the Sun to Leo . . . Steamy! 7-22-2016


sunflower red 508px

About an hour before the Sun arrives in Leo, the Moon slips quietly into Pisces well before dawn. She happily flows along with no interference until Friday evening when she runs aground on Saturn in Sagittarius, a couple of hours before conjoining Neptune in Pisces. Thankfully the Pisces Moon is ever adaptable and prefers to slid around obstacles than hit them head first. If we are willing to simply observe what we’re feeling and let it be, it is bound to be less stressful. The Pisces Moon has no problem at all giving the Leo Sun center stage and applauding at the right moments. While our day should go fairly smoothly, our evening plans may run into a snag or two but as long as we keep our sense of humor and are willing to be flexible, all should be well. 🌠☾♓🌠

Meanwhile the Sun is overjoyed to be home in fiery Leo! The focus shifts from family and security issues to taking time to embrace what makes us feel good as individuals. Leo does love to play and happily invites us to do the same. Leo Season is a good time to go on vacation or throw a party. Do something simply for the fun of it and get back in touch with your inner child. One thing about most fire signs, including Leo, is they’re not as prone to worrying as the water signs, much better for taking a more relaxed approach to life.

Remember earlier in the week when Neptune in Pisces was busy pulling the wool over Mercury in Leo’s eyes? Well, today Pluto in Capricorn may decide to step in and reintroduce some reality. This is one of those times when we might have to take a few knocks and move on. Sorry about that.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sunflower © Diane Lang


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