Slightly Distracted Virgo Moon 8-4-2016

Midsummer Full Moon

The Moon arrives in orderly Virgo shortly after midnight and thankfully has it out with Mars in Sagittarius long before morning. She has time to recover her balance by the time we need to be focused and on task. A midday conjunction with Mercury in Virgo is excellent for reading the fine print and handling routine matters. It will be evening before the Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius and late night before she opposes Neptune in Pisces. Today still looks favorable for business as usual though a little more confusion may creep in this evening. 🌠☾♍🌠

Here’s the deal . . . we are getting a preview of what may be far worse this weekend when it is Mercury in Virgo who creates a mutable T-Square with Saturn and Neptune. Virgo under stress tends to make mountains out of mole hills and people probably aren’t going to hearing anything but what they want to hear. None of this conducive to making good choices and it might be a good idea to tactfully suggest needing more time before signing on the dotted line.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Tamara Bauer |


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