Hyper Gemini Moon today 8-25-2016


Running headlong into the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius and then squaring Neptune in Pisces this morning may make the already busy Gemini Moon even more hyper. Usually the Gemini Moon does quite well with information flowing in from all sides but not this time. Direct confrontation is not her style and that what’s she has to put up with from Mars and Saturn in fiery Sagittarius. Having to sort out truth from fiction when Neptune squares her only adds to her problems . . . and ours. Rather than attempting to make sense of what’s we’re told today, collect data and sit with it for a few days before deciding whether or not action is required. The pace may slow somewhat during the afternoon but there will still be plenty of activity. 🌠☾♊🌠

Very early in the morning, Venus in Virgo is inconjunct Uranus in Aries and we may have to contend with tensions left in its wake. Relationships can suffer from one partner or the other behaving in a rude, selfish manner that could require serious apologies later. Late tonight Mars in Sagittarius will exactly square Neptune in Pisces and leave some feeling rather hungover Friday morning. It may take a day or two for us to recover from Mars aspecting the Saturn-Neptune square but Mars in the fire signs is not inclined to brood, preferring to move on to new distractions.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Gemini © Gal Or


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