Cancer Moon rides the gentle waves today 8-27-2016

foutain grass

The Moon loves being in home loving Cancer and today she enjoys feeling the love from the Virgo Sun at dawn and Neptune in Pisces in the afternoon. She may have a cranky moment or two when she has to put up with Saturn in Sagittarius (early afternoon) and Mars in Sagittarius (early evening) but I doubt if those will last long. This has been a hectic week and most of us are too tired to argue over minor annoyances. Let go and follow your breath . . . in and out, in and out. Relax for awhile! 🌠☾♋🌠

We have another reason to enjoy the day and that’s Venus and Jupiter conjoined in Virgo! These two always play well together, spreading goodwill far and wide in large part because they encourage us to see the best in each other. Enjoy the simple pleasures with your loved ones, like taking a walk in your favorite park or visiting your local farmers market . . . Virgo always appreciates our efforts to do healthy things. The only drawback is Jupiter’s well known habit of taking things too far and could mean making promises we can’t keep.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Fountain Grass © Ron Cameron


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