Week of August 29, 2016

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The big event this week is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Thursday, September 1. It even overshadows Mercury stationing retrograde at 29° Virgo on Tuesday and Venus happily returning home to Libra Monday evening.

For one thing this New Moon is a solar eclipse which increases the impact beyond a normal lunation. And the luminaries are part of a mutable T-Square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The final exact Saturn-Neptune square will take place on September 10 at 10° 25′, though its influence has been felt for most of the summer, and will gradually fade away towards the end of September. Since Saturn is currently transiting my first house, I have had no choice but to deal with this square head on as it were. There has been no shirking of responsibilities or shading the truth allowed. It’s a good thing I’m an old hand at living with Saturn having survived two Saturn Returns!

It is the Virgo Sun’s turn to trigger the Saturn-Neptune square this week . . . we did Mars in Sagittarius last week. The Sun will square Saturn on Thursday and oppose Neptune in Pisces on Friday. “Suffer or serve” themes may surface in our lives and stepping up to help others is by far the best answer in this case. Lending a hand to ease pain and suffering even in small ways is good. Now is a great time to practice “paying it forward”, a concept near and dear to my heart.

Shortly before Mercury stations retrograde at 29° Virgo early Tuesday morning, it will conjoin Venus. Venus has a softening effect on Mercury who can be a tad critical in Virgo. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will travel together through the New Moon on Thursday with the exact conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter occurring on Friday. This is the second Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and it suggests we’ll have to contend with an exaggerated preoccupation with petty details all week.

Venus loves being in Libra where she can indulge her love of art and beauty. She is a gracious hostess and has a knack for matchmaking, discretely of course. The other thing Venus in Libra does is give us a planet in air once again. Maybe she will help people remember being tactful and kind can go a long ways to smoothing over differences in opinion. In any case, she is a welcome addition to a rather fraught week.

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The Moon starts the week in the Balsamic Phase leading up to the New Moon.

On Monday the Moon enters Leo shortly after midnight and makes no aspects until she is trine Saturn in Sagittarius that evening. Having the Moon in outgoing Leo eases us into the work week and helps us find a smile when dealing with possible Mercury stationing retrograde delays. Overnight the Leo Moon will be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and trine Mars in Sagittarius which might give us vivid dreams.

Having the Moon in fixed Leo ought to help keep our emotions on an even keel Tuesday when Mercury stations retrograde. The sky is heavily tilted to mutable signs now, with only the Moon’s weekly visit to a fixed sign helping out in that department. After an early morning inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn, the Leo Moon glides through the day without hindrance. After a late night trine to Uranus in Aries she goes void-of-course until Wednesday morning when the Moon enters Virgo. Follow the Leo Moon’s example and stay centered in your heart today.

From a lunar perspective, Wednesday is very quiet. The Virgo Moon makes no aspects until she meets up with the Sun for the New Moon Solar Eclipse early Thursday morning. This is an ideal Balsamic Phase, good for directing our attention inwards. There are no major aspects to contend with and Mercury in Virgo is newly retrograde at the anaretic degree (29°), always better for looking back to see what remains to be completed before moving forward. Take some time today to review what is going on in your life and work. If you find an area that has been neglected, now is an excellent time to figure out how to remedy the situation.

Thursday the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo stirs things up and may leave many feeling very jittery. Switch to decaf and use your favorite stress busters to help you through the day. A Virgo Moon-Pluto in Capricorn trine after noon will help reduce the tension to a degree.

We’re still very much in Virgo Land on Friday when the Moon conjoins Mercury and Jupiter before going void-of-course during the afternoon. I doubt if our nerves will really settle until after the Moon arrives in Libra late Friday afternoon/early evening. No one is better at sidestepping conflict than the Libra Moon, so if you have plans Friday evening, those should go smoothly.

Saturday gets off to a great start with the Moon conjoining Venus in convivial Libra. A mid-afternoon sextile Saturn in Sagittarius lends a conventional tone to any social gatherings, something Libra appreciates . . . wild and crazy is so not Libra’s thing. Unless you are a serious night owl, the Moon-Pluto square probably will pass unnoticed.

Since the Libra Moon is essentially unaspected on Sunday until she opposes Uranus in Aries late afternoon/early evening, the mood should be peaceful. After meeting up with Uranus, the Moon goes void-of-course Sunday night. We can use the weekend to mend fences and get back in touch with our partners. For once we have two planets in air all weekend, great for discussing sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy.

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It does look like we’re in for an interesting week, and one we may look back on to realize it was a turning point in critical matters. The strong Virgo influence will keep our attention focused in the here and now, taking care of important details. I see Venus in Libra as our saving grace because she is so good at encouraging a gentle, tactful approach in our interactions with others. Be kind, practice patience and allow extra time to review all those small but critical issues.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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