Libra Moon works on restoring a sense of harmony 9-3-2016


Nothing like a Moon-Venus conjunction in Libra to start the weekend off on the right note! Many of us had a very busy week focused on doing what was necessary with few opportunities to relax. The Moon and Venus invite us to do something pleasant and lighthearted. During the afternoon the Libra Moon is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and that suggests we may need to take care to coordinate with others when planning activities. Please take a few moments to take care of this because the Moon will be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces a short time later and we might forget why it was important to touch base with others. 🌠☾♎🌠

We finally have enough air in the atmosphere to make it easier to be objective and observe more clearly how our emotions may have clouded our thinking in recent weeks. By next weekend, Jupiter will arrive in Libra giving us two full time planets in air along with the Moon in an air sign each week. Speaking as an air sign person, this is a real blessing because I know the value of being able to discuss distressing matters with a modicum of detachment. We’ll need all the objectivity we can cultivate as the influence of the Saturn-Neptune square fades away, revealing changes we might have trouble getting our heads around.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Angel of Justice © Stella Karmanli


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