It’s a Full Moon in Pisces Lunar eclipse day . . . 9-16-2016


As much as the Pisces Moon would prefer to keep a low profile today, she has to deal with being part of the main event . . . the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Before she reaches that point she will conjoin Chiron mid-morning and square Mars in Sagittarius about an hour later. Mush those two aspects together and we come up with mean old Mars squaring the Moon-Chiron conjunction. Talk about rubbing salt into wounds! By the way, just because Pisces is not naturally aggressive, that doesn’t mean weak. When Pisces finally decides they have had enough, they will rise up and roll over the opposition like a tsunami. Remember what those leave when the water retreats? There is a very good reason I keep recommending making a habit of treating others with kindness, tolerance and respect. Today is an excellent time to work on doing exactly that with the Pisces Full Moon in force. 🌠☾♓🌠

By the way, the Pisces Moon will be void-of-course following the midday Full Moon and won’t enter fiery Aries until late tonight. Overall this is a better day to work within our usual routines and on projects already in the works. In fact, at this point in time with Mercury slowing to station direct next week, we may want to hold off starting something new for another week if possible. If you can’t, then dial up your patience and brace for distractions.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © David Mark |

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