Calm, matter of fact Taurus Moon shows up today 9-19-2016


A calm, centered Taurus Moon shows up to help us get our week off on the right foot. After a weekend of dashing about with an impatient Aries Moon, it is good to be reminded how much we can accomplish by methodically working through our “to do” list step by step. It will be mid-afternoon before the Moon embraces Neptune in Pisces and ends up spending the evening/night as part of a Grand Trine in earth with Pluto in Cappy and Mercury in Virgo. The end of Virgo Season is in sight and those who are happiest with plenty of earth to keep us grounded, need to take full advantage of the next two days when the Moon is in Taurus. 🌠☾♉🌠

Today Venus in Libra is sextile Mars in Sagittarius, an excellent aspect for renewing relationships that may have been under stress recently. Sagittarius’s knack for getting Libra to giggle is wonderfully seductive. This is a light, playful style of flirtation and ever so much fun. Laughing together over a nice meal might be just the thing to restore a sense of good will in our close relationships.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Taurus  © Yana Dhyana


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