Cancer Moon goes with the flow today 9-24-2016


If we listen to what the Cancer Moon is telling us, being with family or working around the house should take priority today. A sextile to Mercury in Virgo first thing is very good for discussing what needs to be done today and in what order. Expect a certain amount of fussing about eating healthy meals on time . . . both Cancer and Virgo take nurturing those they love seriously and good food is part of that. There may be some cranky moments this evening when Uranus in Aries squares the Moon, perhaps due to unexpected and unwelcome visitors coming by the house. The Moon goes void-of-course after that and with nothing to disturb her, the Cancer Moon should calm down fairly soon. 🌠☾♋🌠

No other major aspects occur this weekend which is great because we can all use a break! Even though the sky was quieter this week, we did have several big changes to undergo starting with Mercury stationing direct the day before the equinox. Two planets changed signs this week with the Sun entering Libra and Venus slipping into Scorpio. While these are not harsh events, they do ask we make some adjustments. A nap here and there may be just what is needed.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Cancer © The Reluctant Dragon


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