Scorpio Moon continues to maintain a level head today 10-4-2016

My_Old_Haunt_by_AutumnsGoddess 520

The Scorpio Moon continues to maintain her levelheadedness today even when Uranus in Aries shows up and attempts to disrupt her flow midday. An early morning trine to compassionate Chiron in Pisces and late afternoon sextile to meticulous Mercury in Virgo work on her behalf and on ours. The best thing we can do stick with the plan we already decided on in good fixed Scorpio style. If you need to do some internal housekeeping, the Moon-Mercury sextile is perfect for carefully sorting out what is in our best interests and what is not because it combines intuition with mental accuity. 🌠☽♏🌠

We benefit from a terrific Libra Sun-Saturn in Sagittarius sextile now and its effects will linger through tomorrow. When the Sun and Saturn can work together in a constructive, harmonious way much can be accomplished. Libra and Sagittarius understand each other too. Libra appreciates Sagittarius’s sense of honor while Sagittarius can get behind Libra’s willingness to be fair and equitable. Work out compromises now, and  then do try to recall how this felt when the Libra-Capricorn squabbles begin tomorrow.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: My Old Haunt © Jena Della Grottaglia


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