Moon gently slips into Pisces today 10-12-2016


The Moon slips into watery Pisces before dawn and gently eases the tensions running through the atmosphere now due to an abundance of cardinal signs. She drifts through the day making no aspects until late afternoon/early evening when she is inconjunct Jupiter in Libra. This is a Gibbous Moon, the last phase before the Full Moon, and a good time to prepare for that event. Boundaries tend to blur under the Pisces Moon, making it challenging to stay on task. Allow extra time to carefully review whatever you’re working on before going on to the next step. 🌠☽♓🌠

Today’s inconjunct between Mercury in Libra and Neptune in Pisces may contribute even more to fuzzy thinking and feeling less than mentally acute. Normally Mercury in Libra is quite sharp but Neptune can throw a serious wrench in that. Making serious, life altering decisions under this influence is not advisable. Wait until Neptune’s fog has lifted and then double check any information before proceeding. No reason in get in a big hurry . . . Mercury has three more major aspects coming up in as many days. Stay tuned for further information. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Temple © Shepa


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