Week of October 17, 2016


My, how time flies when we’re having fun! Libra Season winds up this week with the Sun moving into fixed, pragmatic Scorpio on Saturday after what turned out to be a rather tense stay in Libra. In addition, Venus, Libra’s ruler, shifts signs this week leaving Scorpio for good natured, fiery Sagittarius on Tuesday. Any time we have two major transitions in a short period of time, it may take us awhile to adjust, and we need to be patient with ourselves and others as this process takes place.

There are some intense aspects cropping up this week starting with Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday. The amount of condensed power in this conjunction is amazing, and since it is in well organized, pragmatic Capricorn it stands to reason if we stay calm we can use this aspect to accomplish our goals. Capricorn is cardinal earth and as such is motivated by real, tangible concerns. Go with ideas that are simple and cost effective yet elegant.

On Thursday, Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and unlike the Mars-Pluto conjunction, this one is totally unpredictable. People could say most anything under this contrary influence. Usually peaceful sorts might turn belligerent and rabble-rousers start calling for compromise. Those with personal planets or Ascendant from 21° to 23° in the cardinal signs, particularly Cancer and Capricorn, are most likely to be affected.

A rather odd aspect is the inconjunct between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces on Sunday. I doubt if this one will make visible waves because both Libra and Pisces prefer harmony to discord. It might prompt displays of compassion and generosity by anonymous donors who have no desire for public recognition. Then too these impulses may never actually make it beyond the day dream stage.

Venus leaves Scorpio very early Tuesday morning for Sagittarius. I have often suspected one of the reasons Venus in Sagittarius loves to play the field and avoid committing is because her stay in Scorpio, who is deeply passionate about commitment, left her needing to feel free for awhile. Venus in Sagittarius does lighten the atmosphere and puts people more in the mood to party.

The Sun arrives in Scorpio late Saturday, bringing a calmer, more contained feel to the atmosphere. This will deepen on October 24 when Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio. Fixed Scorpio is far more interested in consolidating gains than pushing ambitious agendas. We have had a more contentious Libra Season than usual and for many having the Sun in Scorpio may bring a sense of relief. Scorpio Season is always a good time to do in-depth research projects that require focus and concentration.

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The Moon is in fixed practical Taurus on Monday and a trine to earthy Pluto in Capricorn first thing gets our work day off to a good start. It also marks the beginning of a long void-of-course that will last about twenty four hours. No sense in attempting to do much but work on projects already in place Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon will be in lively Gemini, giving us four planets in air. This is the time to start in on something new and different. It is also very favorable for meetings and other social activities. The Gemini Moon’s first aspect on Tuesday is an opposition to Venus in Sagittarius during the morning, a fun rather flirtatious aspect. Do make lunch plans with someone you enjoy bantering with.

The challenge Wednesday will be keeping our minds on business rather than pleasure. No doubt there will be several reminders about doing just that during the day from upper management. Wednesday evening looks very good for going out to play with the Gemini Moon trine Mercury in Libra and sextile Uranus in Aries. Spur of the moment invites should turn out to be fun.

Following a brief void-of-course early Thursday morning, the Moon comes home to Cancer and makes no aspects of significance until very late in the evening when she squares Jupiter in Libra. With no distractions, the Cancer Moon can gently enhance our ability to be more sensitive to other people’s moods, particularly those close to us.

Friday midday oppositions from the Cancer Moon to Pluto and Mars in Capricorn can draw attention to security issues regarding our home and families. Be aware some folks may be on the cranky side and quick to take offense where none was intended. A late evening Moon trine to Chiron in Pisces offers the solution . . . treats other people’s vulnerabilities with gentleness and respect. Friday night does not look all that favorable for going out to play but rather for staying home and doing something with family.

Mixed messages abound Saturday which starts off the Cancer Moon squaring Mercury, than the Sun in Libra. After a very brief void-of-course the Moon enters expansive Leo midday heading towards a lovely late evening trine to Venus in Sagittarius. The best time for group activities is during the afternoon before the Sun leaves Libra in the late afternoon and after the Moon arrives in Leo. The morning looks like people fussing about getting everything just right for company.

On Sunday the Leo Moon starts the day off in a good place with a sextile to Jupiter in Libra and during the afternoon she will be trine Saturn in Sagittarius, creating a generally upbeat tone to most of the day. It will be late afternoon/early evening when she feels pressure from Pluto in Capricorn which suggests to me there are work related matters demanding attention before Monday rolls around.

moon phases 90x50

We are on the verge of leaving an outward facing sign, Libra, for an inward facing one, Scorpio, and here in the northern hemisphere the seasonal changes are evident. The days are growing shorter, the leaves are turning and all too soon the brilliant fall colors will fade away. Finding a balance between being actively engaged in the world at large and taking time to rest and regroup is critical to maintaining mental and physical health. Enjoy the last few days of Libra Season but don’t be afraid to take alone time once the Sun arrives in Scorpio.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Autumn is coming  © Diane Lang