New Moon in Scorpio, October 30, 2016


It is indeed appropriate for the New Moon at 07° 44′ Scorpio on 30 October 2016, 10:38 AM PDT to happen the day before Samhain/Halloween. The trine between the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio to subtle, illusive Neptune in Pisces is perfect for generating all the mystery one could ask for. For those who seek to peek between the veils shrouding the boundaries between the living and the dead, this is the New Moon for exploring those realms.

Another face to this New Moon is Scorpio as a healer extraordinaire. Mercury in Scorpio conjoined the luminaries is amazingly good at diagnosing problems with sharp, intuitive insights. Neptune adds empathy and for some, a strong psychic connection between patient and healer. While Scorpio has no patience with hypochondriacs, it is deeply committed to helping heal those with genuine physical, mental and emotional issues.

The next closest aspect in this chart is the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius (exact on October 29). Venus was exactly sextile Jupiter in Libra on October 26 and these two planets are currently enjoying being in mutual reception. Venus rules Libra and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. While the sextile is waning, Jupiter will still have an uplifting effect on the Venus-Saturn conjunction in part because Jupiter rules Sagittarius. All this adds up to learning how exercise creativity and still color within the lines. As far as love affairs go, there is no better influence for meeting someone special and developing an enduring, happy relationship.

Another aspect on the wane and one most of us will be very glad to see the back of is Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. It is exact on October 28 at 21° and for those who have personal planets or Ascendant between 20° and 22° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), the potential for rash, angry behavior is high. It is also possible this aspect will mark the final breaking point for many relationships of all kinds. The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on October 19 revealed the cracks, and this Mars-Uranus square may lead to the final abrupt ending.

There are several minor aspects at work on this lunation including a semi-sextile from Jupiter in Libra to the luminaries and a semi-sextile from Pluto in Capricorn to the Venus-Saturn square. An inconjunct, between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces (exact on October 23), is still at work too.

Jupiter in Libra is a champion for the Libra ideals of justice, fair play and equity for all. He will do his best to encourage the Scorpio planets to acknowledge there is another side to every issue, a challenge to be sure. Jupiter and Neptune could easily lead one another astray pursuing un-manifested potential and journey deeper into denial which is dangerous territory.

The semi-sextile between Pluto and Saturn-Venus creates some interesting connections because Saturn rules Capricorn. The people we meet under this influence could have unexpected depths that will gradually be revealed over time. What starts out as a typical cheerful Sagittarius style flirtation could turn into something much more serious and meaningful.

In truth, this New Moon celebrates the richness and depth of Scorpio. It can be a very refreshing experience, much like diving into a still, deep pond on a warm evening. We can all benefit from a quieter, more reflective state after the hard pushiness of recent weeks dominated by the cardinal signs. Scorpio always prefers the shadows to the spotlight and there is nothing wrong with that. Spending time alone can be a wonderfully restorative experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Hecate