Week of October 24, 2016


The balance shifts this week from a sky dominated by fire and air to one where earth and water gain ascendance. Mercury leaves airy Libra for intuitive Scorpio on Monday, conjoining the Scorpio Sun. Emotional intelligence is needed to navigate Scorpio’s dark mysterious waters. At the end of the week is the Scorpio New Moon trine Neptune in Pisces . . . more water, more mystery mixed with compassion and illusion.

Mercury conjoins the Sun in Scorpio on Thursday though this conjunction will be felt most of the week. This is a particularly intense Mercury-Sun conjunction and if people’s minds are made up, especially when it comes to emotional issues, I doubt if there can be anything done to change them. A more fluid creative aspect is the Mercury-Neptune in Pisces trine on Sunday. Neptune helps tenacious Mercury in Scorpio come to the realization being compassionate can lead to a healthier way of thinking.

There are plenty of positive aspects this week plus one stinker . . . Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries Friday during the night. This square is a temper tantrum waiting to happen, so do your best to stay cool, calm and collected. Those with personal planets or Ascendant from 20° to 22° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) should have a warning sign posted on their foreheads as they could lose their cool in short order.

We do have another tricky one on Tuesday when Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Venus-Neptune aspects are wonderfully glamorous but can they ever lead us down the garden path! What seems like a marvelous love prospect can turn into ashes so fast it will make your head spin. This is not the best influence to make decisions about money matters either.

There is a sweet Venus-Jupiter sextile on Wednesday, and since Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra are in mutual reception, it may double the benefits from an already pleasant association. We could find ourselves willing to take a gamble on love or money, and both might pay off for us.

While the Venus-Saturn conjunction at 14° Sagittarius on Saturday is not exactly the height of romance, it does support building solid foundations in committed relationships. Venus-Saturn aspects are often found in the synastry between happily married couples. For Venus in Sagittarius who is notorious for avoiding commitment, Saturn conjoining her may help ease her fears enough to make it over that hurdle and realize settling down isn’t so bad after all.

In sharp contrast to the Mars-Uranus square is a Mars in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces on Thursday. The Mars-Chiron sextile is perfect for taking action to bring about healing, such as volunteering to help out at a homeless shelter or working with disadvantaged children. We can also work on our own vulnerability issues with some success too.

The New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday comes along in time to help clean up after the Mars-Uranus square on Friday. Scorpio is very good at determining what is essential in our lives and what we can clear away. In order to make a fresh start, we have to have space in our lives for it. Time to get to work getting rid of the garbage!

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Whenever we start off the week with a void-of-course Moon, it emphasizes the importance of clearing up old business first and foremost. The Leo Moon goes void-of-course following a trine to Uranus in Aries at daybreak and that should provide enough lift to get us out the door. It will be evening before the Moon shifts into quietly effective Virgo.

Tuesday morning looks to be the most favorable time for working on important tasks because by the afternoon our ability to concentrate could take several hits. First the Virgo Moon squares Venus in Sagittarius and then she opposes Neptune in Pisces, taking part in a fast moving T-Square with Venus square Neptune. Stick with the basics and plan on tackling more critical details on Wednesday.

Even though the Virgo Moon will go void-of-course on Wednesday after she makes a trine to hard working Mars in Capricorn midday, the generally productive vibe will make it possible to stay on task the rest of the day. The Balsamic Phase is just around the corner now and it wouldn’t hurt to review what’s going on in our lives to see what loose ends need taken care of.

Early Thursday morning the Moon arrives in airy Libra and she will make no aspects until very early Friday morning when she conjoins Jupiter in Libra. These days when the Moon is unaspected but still on course can free up our awareness to absorb the essence of the sign the Moon is in. In this case it is equitable Libra. Check to see where Libra falls in your chart and observe how you feel about that sector Thursday.

The first half of the day Friday features upbeat aspects between the Libra Moon and the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. However control issues in relationships may raise their ugly heads when the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn during the afternoon. It may be wiser to postpone date night on Friday because between this Moon-Pluto square and the Mars-Uranus square late in the night, corrosive disagreements may flare up that might do serious damage to our one-on-one relationships.

The weekend doesn’t exactly look all that great for attending social activities or being around groups of people in general. Saturday the Libra Moon goes void-of-course before dawn following an argumentative square to Mars in Capricorn and she won’t reach reserved Scorpio until late Saturday evening. This is the day Venus conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius too which can take the shine off flirtations. Keep expectations to a minimum today where love and romance are concerned. We can still work well with our partners on more serious projects.

Sunday is the New Moon in Scorpio with its blissful trine to Neptune in Pisces during the morning, and during the afternoon the Scorpio Moon will conjoin Mercury. All in all, spending the day in solitude and silent contemplation makes more sense than dashing about socializing. Learning how to activate our emotional IQ and listen to our intuition are good projects for this New Moon. We all benefit from alone time though it is more natural for earth and water folk than more outgoing fire and air types.

moon phases 90x50

Having an aspect heavy week leading up to a New Moon in Scorpio says we are probably going to be busy. However, with the exception of the disruptive Mars-Uranus square just before the weekend, the overall tone is not at all harsh but rather invites us to deal with others with kindness and consideration. Between the Sun being in reserved Scorpio and the Moon moving into her Balsamic Phase, our focus will naturally turn inward. After all, many of us need to rest and recover from frantic pace of the last ten days in cardinal Libra.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  The Wolf © Zdzisław Beksiński