Libra Moon finds being void-of-course all day restful 10-29-2016


After a restless night opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Mars in Capricorn, the Libra Moon goes void-of-course before daybreak and wanders aimlessly all day. It is officially the dark of the Moon before tomorrow’s
New Moon in Scorpio, so spending the day quietly by yourself or with your partner is a good option. This evening the Moon slips into Scorpio and the quiet only deepens. Good day for a time out. 🌠☾♎🌠➱🌠☾♏🌠

Venus conjoins Saturn at 14° Sagittarius today, always a solemn aspect. Saturn brings out the dutiful side of love when he conjoins Venus, even in playful Sagittarius. We are reminded of the value of honoring our commitments to our loved ones today. Venus-Saturn aspects are not at all romantic but show up with surprising frequency in enduring marriages. They can teach why respecting each other’s boundaries can strengthen a relationship and enrich it.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Libra © Jena Della Grottaglia


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