Week of October 31, 2016

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Happy Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain – choose your preference! This is the perfect Scorpio holiday, beloved of so many people, when the veils between the realms thin and we can see haunts.

The New Moon in Scorpio over the weekend ushers in a period of calm skies. This is one of those times when not borrowing trouble is good for the soul. If we don’t agitate ourselves unnecessarily we can enjoy a pleasant week and perhaps regroup again. The aspects this week favor dreaming beautiful dreams and thinking deep thoughts.

Early Tuesday morning the Scorpio Sun is trine Neptune in Pisces, setting the stage for lucid dreaming. If you can remember what floats to the surface of your mind as you wake up, you might find an answer for something that’s been bothering you for awhile. This aspect heightens compassion and can inspire the need to reach out a helping hand to those in need.

On Wednesday penetrating Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. If you don’t get the answers you need from the dream realms, dive into doing your own research. The beauty of Mercury in Scorpio plus Pluto is the combination of intuitive leaps with a solid grasp on the practicalities. If you are considering doing some investing, this is the perfect time to get started on finding a program that works for you and your income level.

Our love lives finally get a boost this weekend when adventurous Venus in Sagittarius is trine inventive Uranus in Aries on Friday evening. This one may lead us in unexpected but delightful directions. Don’t worry about things getting too out of hand because the Moon happens to be in careful Capricorn Friday and Saturday, keeping things relatively sane.

A quietly uplifting aspect on Sunday is Mercury in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces. While it is unlikely to make headlines, it may help us with realizations about why we are so sensitive in certain areas in our lives. Sitting quietly with our thoughts might be a good way to spend some time on Sunday.

moon phases 90x50

The planets are situated in such a way at this time that the Moon will have three days this week when she makes no aspects for most of the day. If you are interested in experiencing a pure expression of the Moon in Sagittarius or Aquarius, you’ll get your wish this week.

However on Monday we still have a Scorpio Moon to contend with. She is actually in decent humor thanks to a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn very early during the night, and a sextile to Mars in Capricorn in the evening. We’re still very much in the New Moon phase and that means this is a good day to get started in on planning your next step. We may not feel all that sociable so working alone might be a better choice.

Tuesday the Moon leaps into fiery Sagittarius and spends the entire day unrestrained by any aspects. Her first check will be a square to Neptune in Pisces well before dawn on Wednesday. If you have a chance to get out of the office to run some errands, this is a great day for that. There is a generally upbeat, energetic feel to the day.

There is nothing the Sagittarius Moon enjoys more these days than her monthly sextile to expansive Jupiter in Libra. Wednesday we are blessed with this happening first thing in the morning, setting a positive tone to the day. An afternoon meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius will slow things down some but we will probably need a reality check anyway. Overnight the Moon will conjoin Venus before going on to a very early morning trine to Uranus in Aries.

The Sagittarius Moon will be void-of-course all day Thursday and that suggests backtracking to make sure everything to set in motion earlier this week looks workable. The Moon won’t enter practical Capricorn until Thursday evening.

The Capricorn Moon will make no aspects until late Friday afternoon when she will be sextile imaginative Neptune in Pisces. This should allow us to work diligently with fewer distractions Friday morning. A square to Jupiter in Libra Friday evening may cause some to overindulge because Jupiter may bring out the Capricorn’s Moon wild and crazy side . . . she does have one you know.

Saturday favors working around the home more than dashing off to play though Capricorn Moon-Uranus in Aries square late afternoon/early evening could change that. Unexpected company or an invite to go out for the evening are both possible.

Once the Moon moves into cool, rational Aquarius at daybreak on Sunday and she will spend the entire day unaspected. Reading, going to museums or perhaps attending a lecture may sound like good options for the day. Conversations can take an intellectual turn even when discussing feelings.

moon phases 90x50

We have an opportunity this week to find out whether or not we’re comfortable with a slower pace. Humans are odd creatures and some become so accustomed to living from crisis to crisis, they will create them out of nothing to experience the rush. Personally I’ve had my fill and would be delighted with some peace and quiet. Besides . . . next week Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs. Enjoy the calm skies now!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  My Old Haunt © Jena Della Grottaglia


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