Sagittarius Moon runs free today 11-01-2016

life_beautiful 500px

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius first thing in the morning, she can run aspect free all day. In fact the first aspect the Sagittarius Moon makes is a square to Neptune in Pisces during the wee hours Wednesday morning. The fire signs have a slight edge today with the Moon in Sagittarius, lightening the mood and opening our eyes to possibilities. Being in motion will feel good today, whether taking a walk or driving on the open road. 🌠☽♐🌠

The other major aspect today is the Scorpio Sun trine Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Our intuitive side is activated by this aspect and we can lean on it more than usual today. Take note of the thoughts crossing your mind during those periods when you are either falling asleep or waking up. They might hold the answers to questions that have been weighing on you for awhile. Trines seldom prod us into doing something, so we need to take the initiative today to draw on the benefits of this trine.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.


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