Week of November 7, 2016


Transitions abound this week and those can throw us off our stride. Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs. Mars leaves Capricorn where he is exalted for Aquarius where he can be downright squirrelly at times. Venus shifts from free spirited Sagittarius to controlled Capricorn and Mercury leaves reserved Scorpio for blunt Sagittarius. When the personal planets change signs, the results are often more obvious than the long slow changes that occur when an outer planet shifts into another sign.

Mars makes his move overnight on Tuesday. We wake up Wednesday morning to Mars in quirky Aquarius where he will stay until December 20. Of all the air signs, Mars is most comfortable in fixed Aquarius. Gemini is far too flighty and Libra takes forever to choose course of action. The most disconcerting thing about Mars in Aquarius is its ability to make an about face when we least expect it. Aquarius is as tenacious as the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) but can do a 180° in a flash and be just as stubborn about the new direction. One of the biggest benefits of Mars in an air sign is having two planets in air for the next six weeks – Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Aquarius. A steady air presence supports a more rational approach to problem solving.

Venus and Mercury change signs within a few hours of each other. Venus leaves fiery Sagittarius for earthy Capricorn late Friday night and Mercury arrives in Sagittarius early Saturday morning.

Venus in Capricorn is far less playful but is a much better money manager than Venus in Sagittarius. Sagittarius takes far too many risks for cautious Capricorn who has a keen eye for value. Venus in Capricorn is better at commitment too. Relationships based on having a good time will probably fade away but if there is something real going on Venus in Capricorn may bring that out.

For those who are very, very, VERY tired of feeling everything has been over analyzed, Mercury leaving Scorpio for easy going Sagittarius will be a happy event. One thing about Mercury in Sagittarius is opinions are going to be aired, like it or not. This Mercury believes in plain speaking and lots of it. Mercury in the fire signs rarely lacks for something to say after all.

We do have other things going on this week including a powerful sextile between the Scorpio Sun and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, on Monday. If you have a mountain or two to move, this is aspect that can help make that happen. On Saturday the Scorpio Sun makes a benign trine to Chiron in Pisces. I like this one for promoting healing and opening hearts. Too bad a less pleasant aspect occurs on Sunday, November 13, when the Scorpio Sun is inconjunct Uranus in Aries. This has been an annual event since 2011 and Scorpio still winces at the type of rash behavior Uranus in Aries inspires. Hopefully the resulting turmoil will settle down within a few days as the Sun pulls away from Uranus.

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Unlike last week when the Moon traveled unaspected or void-of-course for long periods of time, this week she’s back to her usual modus operandi of bumping up against one planet or another on and off during the day, nothing like last when we had an unaspected Moon for twenty four hours.

A generally upbeat Aquarius Moon is on hand for Monday in part because she starts her day trine Jupiter in Libra. This will be a monthly event for the next year, ensuring one bright spot each time the Moon is in Aquarius. Midday she is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, another positive aspect for helping us settle back into the reality of being on the job. Today also marks the second lunar quarter when the Scorpio Sun squares the Aquarius Moon. While it may call attention to areas of polarization, this aspect gives way to a Moon-Uranus in Aries sextile late in the evening, revitalizing us.

Very early Tuesday morning the Aquarius Moon goes void-of-course following a genial sextile to Venus in Sagittarius. It will mid-afternoon when she quietly slips into sensitive Pisces. After that the Moon will swim along by herself until early Wednesday morning when she conjoins dreamy Neptune. The morning is good for mulling over options though it may be wise to hold off implementing those.

One thing about starting the day with a Moon-Neptune conjunction, we probably will find ourselves drifting off into daydreams during the day. The rude awakening may come when the Pisces Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius late afternoon/early evening. Over the course of the evening the Pisces Moon will be happily sextile Pluto in Capricorn and enjoy a trine to the Scorpio Sun. Not a bad way to end the day.

The following day the Pisces Moon will spend the morning on her own with a trine to Mercury in Scorpio happening during the afternoon. This is a great aspect for following your instincts and unerringly putting your hands on the information you need. Enjoy it! Staying focused at work will be hard when the Pisces Moon squares fun loving Venus in Sagittarius late in the afternoon. It doesn’t help this aspect marks the beginning of a short void-of-course before the Moon dashes into fiery Aries in the early evening. She will be sextile Mars in Aquarius during the evening and that will be the last aspect she makes until Friday afternoon.

We get to spend Friday morning with an Aries Moon dashing about unhindered. We can use this to our advantage to feed energy into whatever project is our top priority for the end of the week. An opposition to Jupiter in Libra at the end of the work day, followed by the monthly square to Pluto and trine to Saturn in Sagittarius may make for an interesting Friday night out on the town. F.Y.I. if you want to have a good time, don’t argue politics or religion. 

Saturday may turn out to be quieter than we might expect with an Aries Moon, and that’s because she will be void-of-course following her monthly conjunction with Uranus first thing in the morning. Good day to go to a sporting event or hang out with friends. Once the Moon enters Taurus during the evening, we may find ourselves more concerned with finding a good place to eat, especially since the Moon will be trine Venus in Capricorn at that time.

The Taurus Moon will probably encourage us to spend a quiet day at home on Sunday since she starts the day sextile to Neptune in Pisces and will not make another aspect until evening when she is trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is a great opportunity to plan meals for the week or perhaps do enough cooking to set aside portions to eat later. It’s always nice to know you have something tasty and nutritious in the freezer you can heat and serve quickly.

moon phases 90x50

All those planets changing signs this week will probably prove to be very distracting for everyone because the celestial landscape will end up in a different configuration by week’s end. Those of us who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 24° to 29° or from 0° to 2° should experience these changes quite directly. Find your center and ride these waves of change from there. As always, remember to practice tolerance and be kind to all you interact with.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Populars © Diane Lang