New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29, 2016

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This New Moon at 07° 43′ Sagittarius on 29 November 2016, 04:18 PST does seem to be “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” since the luminaries square Neptune in Pisces, making finding any real sense of direction quite challenging. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler, is very high profile on this New Moon too.

Between Sagittarius’s love of rhetoric and Neptune in Pisces’s ability to create amazing illusions, the best option might be to sit back and watch the show. Taking any of it seriously could lead to very questionable choices. My suggestion is to wait and see where the pieces fall before taking any actions. The closer the Sagittarius Sun comes to grumpy old Saturn (they conjoin on December 10) the harder reality will set in.

Jupiter in Libra is the real star of this show. He is part of a small triangle with Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius. Saturn adds the perfect amount of hard-headed good sense to rein in Jupiter’s bold, extravagant approach. The trine between Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Aquarius combines Libra’s sense of fair play and Aquarius’s knack of seeing the big picture. These three work well together even if they do tend towards idealistic solutions.

The square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is still very tight. Pluto sits in between Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius, though I doubt if they will have any impact on Pluto . . . not much does. Pluto continues to shove the cold, hard facts in our faces, like it or not. What Jupiter in Libra can do is remind us of the value of compromise as well as listening to all sides of an issue before making a decision.

Venus in Capricorn has her challenges too. She is exactly square Uranus in Aries and widely square Jupiter in Libra. Venus-Uranus squares are fraught because Uranus brings out Venus’s self-serving side and it ain’t pretty. The square between Venus and Jupiter isn’t much help either because Jupiter just loves to encourage Venus to be self-indulgent. All together this adds up to bad judgment when it comes to love and money. This is definitely not the time to decide to marry for money, or form any type of partnership where wealth matters more than people.

F.Y.I. The Venus-Uranus square may have an interesting effect of Libra folk. It will bring out their independent side, especially if someone attempts to use guilt to manipulate them. Libras tend to be peace loving and will set aside their personal wishes in the interest of keep the peace. Not now. Now they are more likely to recognize they need to take care of themselves as well and come back with a sharp “no”.

There are a couple of trines to Uranus in Aries that may soften some of the rough edges. One is a waning trine with Mercury in Sagittarius (exact on November 26) and the other is the slowly waxing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius which will be exact at 20° on Christmas Eve. Trines do not compel but rather coax us to understand there are better options and possibilities if we choose to see them. The Mercury-Uranus trine is wonderful for inspiring creative theories and ideas, while the Saturn-Uranus trine may be able to come up with ways to turn those into reality. Both are positive influences and that’s a very good thing to hold on to now.

New Moons favor setting out in a new direction but with the New Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces we may end up going in circles. There is so much confusion and drama surrounding this one we won’t know up from down. If you can, wait a full lunar cycle until the New Moon in Capricorn on December 28. If not, then at least hold off until closer to the Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 and the fog has cleared. Keep a cool head and enjoy the New Moon show from a remove.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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