Peaceful day with the Moon moving from Virgo to Libra 11-23-2016


The first half of the day the Moon is void-of-course in Virgo and we probably won’t be inspired to tackle new projects. Midday she glides into sweet Libra where she will happily dance with the Sagittarius Sun late afternoon. From a lunar perspective today is a quiet, easy day with an overall pleasant atmosphere. The only drawback to these days when the Moon makes no waves is we may be more aware of irritating natal transits. 🌠☽♍🌠➱🌠☽♎🌠

The other thing going on today is Mercury conjoining Saturn in Sagittarius . . . now how this will feel has a lot to do with how far off in left field we wandered last weekend when Mercury squared Neptune in Pisces. Saturn acts as a reality check, asking everyone to use some common sense once in awhile. By the way, we really do need to pay attention to Saturn’s reminders today because next week the New Moon in Sagittarius has the luminaries squaring Neptune and we’ll be tested on our ability to discern what’s real and what’s an illusion again.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Libra © Moon Siren