The Libra Moon struggles late today 11-24-2016

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While today gets off to a decent start with the Libra Moon energized by a trine to Mars in Aquarius midday, things start to go south by late afternoon. The Libra Moon will square Venus in Capricorn, then Pluto in Capricorn before conjoining Jupiter in Libra. This is a volatile mix to say the least. One thing Libra and Capricorn both agree on is the need to respect the civilities so disagreements are probably going to involve a lots of cold, nasty innuendos. This is bound to take the shine off any social gatherings so for those celebrating Thanksgiving today, noon is a much better time for the big family meal than evening. 🌠☽♎🌠

We have to face the first exact square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn today. With the Libra Moon right in the middle of this during the evening, emotions could run high and discussions get heated in a hurry. Most of us know our family’s hot button issues and pushing those may end up doing serious damage to familial relationships. Please think long and hard before saying something you know will set people off.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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