Sagittarius Moon is ready for adventure today 11-30-2016


Nothing like a trine to wild eyed Uranus in Aries to get the Sagittarius Moon up and running . . . and that’s what gets our day off to a start. It will be evening before the Moon catches up to Mercury in Sagittarius, and there is nothing better for sitting down with friends and discussing wide ranging issues. The restless feel to the day could make tending to business more challenging than usual so give yourself permission to do something outside your normal routine today. 🌠☽♐🌠

The fly in the ointment today is the Sagittarius Sun squaring Neptune in Pisces because it will add a note of confusion to the mix. If we’re attempting to work on choosing a new direction in our lives, the possibilities may seem endless and having to pick one will not be easy. Sit with these for awhile and let the Neptune fog dissipate more before taking action. Sign posts will start appearing over the next few days, especially after Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn on Friday.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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