Swimming along with the Pisces Moon 12-06-2016



Today we can drift with the Pisces Moon as she rises and falls with the tides. Her day is off to a sweet start thanks to a sextile to Mercury in Capricorn. I doubt if there is a better aspect for articulating our feelings with clarity and kindness. During the afternoon the Pisces Moon conjoins her favorite planet, Neptune. If we have a few moments to quiet our minds, information can drift up from our unconscious that we really need to bring about closure to some aspect of our lives. 🌠☽♓🌠

On the active side, Mars in Aquarius is sextile innovative Uranus in Aries today. There is a great aspect for designing a better mouse trap because Uranus excels at inspiring original ways of doing things. Adding an extra punch is the fact these two planets are in mutual reception. Mars is in the sign Uranus rules (Aquarius) and Uranus is in the sign Mars rules (Aries). Seize the moment!

By the way, consider those two Pisces fishes swimming around and about . . . we can drift with one and/or take action with other because Pisces is nothing if not flexible. Good all around day for whatever floats your boat.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Pisces © Steel-Eyes


2 responses to “Swimming along with the Pisces Moon 12-06-2016

  1. This explains my dreams and oversleeping this morning. I have Pisces Rising….I sleep with the sound of the ocean on my sound machine. I dreamed of being at the ocean, walking along a pristine beach by myself. Total peace. I found a cave that was semi dark. When I entered it was tastefully arranged with little corners to sit and enjoy the view. Low key comfy furniture. In my dream I made a note of where it was located on the beach so that I could come back with friends some time. For the first time in weeks I feel almost rested.

    • Hi Linda!

      I’m envious . . . 🙂 My fourth house is Pisces and what you described sounds delightful to me! The whole Saturn-Neptune square period was very hard on those like yourself with Pisces Sun, Moon & ASC. Not getting enough REM sleep is very hard on Pisces in particular. They need to spend time in dream land.

      xoxo diane~

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