Week of December 12, 2016

Hoarfrost on Oregon Grape

What an amazingly quiet sky this week! The only major aspect is very early Monday morning when the Sagittarius Sun in trine Uranus in Aries, and the only event is the exciting Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday. Other than that it is only the Moon wending her way through Gemini to Virgo this week.

It is the final full week of Sagittarius Season before the Solstice on December 21 and the week leading up to Mercury going retrograde on December 19 at 15° Capricorn. This is also the last week Mars will spend in Aquarius because he will swim into Pisces on December 19. We have a brief time out from celestial activity, for better or worse.

The Sagittarius Sun-Uranus in Aries trine takes place around midnight but the effects should linger throughout Monday. If the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius on Saturday helped us sort out our priorities, the Sun-Uranus trine is perfect for putting those into effect.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday generates plenty of exuberance and enthusiasm. What it is short on is common sense. The desire to run off in several different directions will be strong but the core aspect of this lunation is a square between Jupiter in Libra and a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in pragmatic Capricorn. Someone is bound to ask for a detailed plan accounting for all necessary expenditures before giving the go ahead. If you have it ready, that would be excellent.

The rest of week belongs to the Moon and her usual permutations. By the way, those undergoing hard natal transits may find they are more aware of those with fewer celestial distractions.

moon phases 90x50

Our minds will be kicked into gear on Monday once the Moon enters airy Gemini bright and early in the morning. The first aspect she makes is a sweet trine to Venus in Aquarius mid-late afternoon. This is a very good day to schedule meetings to set this week’s agenda between the agile Gemini Moon and inspiration from last night’s Sun-Uranus trine. The evening could be pleasant but hazy around the edges when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces.

On her way to Full Moon status on Tuesday, the Gemini Moon will enjoy a trine to Jupiter in Libra midday, a more sobering opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius a short while later and finally an exciting sextile to Uranus in Aries mid-afternoon. This suggests lots of activity and the need to brush up on our multi-tasking skills. We could be bombarded with information and/or the need to come up with answers on a moment’s notice. Remember to breathe!

The atmosphere is considerably quieter on Wednesday after the Moon slips into Cancer shortly after dawn and makes no aspects until the evening when she will happily trine Neptune in Pisces. When the Cancer Moon can do her own thing, it means less emotional turmoil for all of us. This might be a good time to finish some holiday baking or simply work quietly by ourselves on the job.

The emotional turmoil shows up on Thursday when the Cancer Moon faces off with Pluto in Capricorn bright and early, then has Jupiter in Libra’s over the top plans to deal with midday. Mid-late afternoon Uranus in Aries takes a turn annoying her but after that the Moon goes void-of-course until early Friday morning. It looks to me like we’ll need to dust off our patience and put it use. Family members may be particularly frustrating now.

Friday and Saturday the Moon will be in Leo and turning up the heat! These two days are the best time for Holiday parties and celebrating the season in general. It’s all about letting the good times roll! This is the last big hurrah for the fiery goodness of Sagittarius Season with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus in fire signs.

The Leo Moon has no aspects raining on her parade on Friday and Saturday she basks in a Grand Trine in fire with Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Saturday she will also be sextile Jupiter in social Libra late afternoon. All in all, this is a very favorable time to plan or attend social events of all types.

Sunday the Leo Moon goes void-of-course briefly following an opposition to Mars in Aquarius during the morning. After that she spends the day in quiet Virgo and we can settle back into our normal Sunday routines. Those who may have overdone the partying Friday and Saturday will have time to recover. We can all use the day to plan what we need to get done over the coming week before Christmas.

moon phases 90x50

After the burst of celestial activity Monday and Tuesday, the rest of week revolves around the moods of the Moon. She is in a pattern right now where she alternates days with no aspects followed by one with many aspects. What we might notice is a roller coaster effect. Fire and air signs dominate the sky all week right up to the Solstice on December 21, showing the Sagittarius Sun out in style. Enjoy the fireworks!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Oregon Grape leaves with frost © Diane Lang


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