Full Moon in Cancer, January 12, 2017


I took some time to review the big picture aspects for 2017 and realized this Full Moon at 22° 27′ Cancer on 12 January 2017, 3:34 AM PDT acts as a preview of what we will be facing for the better part of the year. Most of the major players are present and aspecting each other: Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

The Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun are part of a Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries harking back to the Cardinal Grand Cross during the first part of 2014. The biggest difference between the two Grand Crosses is Uranus in Aries is the only planet to take part in both, and the only true outer planet in the current one. A Grand Cross is a very stable pattern and can lead to long term stalemate situations. It is entirely possible we will end up once again dealing with issues that emerged in 2014 concerning family, security, risky behaviors and failure to seek compromises. Fear of the unknown can be a big factor and unless we are willing to take a step or two outside of our comfort zones, the existing stalemate will probably continue.

Another difference on this Full Moon is the positive presence of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is trine Uranus in Aries and sextile Jupiter in Libra. This suggests we can draw on Saturn’s wisdom and Jupiter’s upbeat attitude to come up with workarounds that will allow everyone to move on with their lives. Saturn helps tone down some of Uranus in Aries’s more extreme solutions and at the same time extracts fresh, new approaches to help resolve old issues. How badly we want to break free of our current stasis and get on with our lives may determine how willing we are to make the necessary compromises to achieve that.

Pluto in Capricorn is far enough out of orb now for his influence to be weakened but I suspect we’ll still feel his sullen involvement. Those who have personal planets and Ascendant from 16° to 18° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are more likely to feel obsessive behaviors creeping in. Pluto in Capricorn can and will bring about change but his ideas usually involve a scorched earth policy that leaves nothing in its wake. He is still widely conjunct the Capricorn Sun (partile on January 6) and that means he also opposes the Cancer Moon. Family relationships in particular could be permanently severed at this time.

A more benign aspect with Pluto is the sextile to Mars in Pisces. I see this one as stiffening Mars in Pisces’s spine and bringing out a latent Mars in Scorpio effect. This may bring more passion and conviction to our love lives.

Don’t forget Venus is now in Pisces and conjoins Neptune on this lunation. It is definitely time to spice things up with a little glamour and fantasy! Falling in love under these influences could be a fascinating experience though a little risky. Eventually sobriety returns and for some that may not be pretty. Good luck!

Mercury is now direct in Sagittarius and will return to Capricorn about two and half hours after the Full Moon. It is unaspected and somewhat of a loose cannon. People may shoot off their mouths and almost immediately regret doing so under this influence. Mercury in Capricorn can be very closemouthed, unlike outspoken Mercury in Sagittarius. Please take a few moments to carefully consider whether or not it would be worth it to blurt out whatever is on your mind. Once Mercury reenters Capricorn it will be there until February 8.

There is bound to be some emotional upheaval under the Full Moon in sensitive Cancer and that may obscure important messages surfacing now but if we pay attention, we have an opportunity to pick up on themes that will be in play for much of the year. The combination of cool, pragmatism and intuition available on this lunation are perfect for figuring out what to retain and what to discard. Keeping our hearts and minds open is critical to finding our way to a better future. As always, practice kindness, patience and tolerance.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon © David Mark | Dreamstime.com