Week of January 2, 2017

The fragile beauty of hoarfrost.

A mutable element comes back into play this week with Venus happily slipping into Pisces and Mercury backing into Sagittarius, leaving us with nothing in fixed signs for awhile. Mercury will be stationing direct on Sunday, January 8 at 28° 51′ Sagittarius. These changes introduce more flexibility and flow into the mix though we might have to consciously work on staying grounded.

Venus is thrilled to visit Pisces where she is exalted. She moves into Pisces late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Her ability to empathize is greatly enhanced, a noticeable difference from Venus in Aquarius who has trouble relating to others on a personal level. Shortly after Venus arrives in Pisces, she will meet up with Mercury just before it moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday. Harmonious Mercury-Venus aspects can do wonders for our ability to communicate tactfully with loved ones. If anyone needs to make apologies for behaving badly on New Year’s Eve, this is a good time.

Wednesday Mercury moves back into Sagittarius where it will remain until January 12 after going direct on January 8. This is a brief visit but it will probably be a noisy one because people who have been biting their tongues may decide to let loose again. Once Mercury is back in Capricorn, the volume should gradually drop.

The Capricorn Sun conjoins Pluto late Friday night/early Saturday morning. This is an annual event these days and is always intense. We do have four days before the Capricorn Sun will square Uranus in Aries, giving us a cooling off period. Nonetheless it is still a good idea to steer clear of making assumptions and focusing tightly on specific outcomes. Either of those can create a world of hurt for us and our close associates.

moon phases 90x50

For many of us Monday is a holiday and that’s a good thing because the Moon slides into Pisces very early in the morning. She will be sextile Mercury in Capricorn at dawn and then meander through the day until she conjoins Neptune in the evening. This gives the day a slightly dreamy feel, better suited to lolling around than rushing out the door to work. If you do have to work, allow yourself time to adjust to the flow.

Tuesday is much better for getting back in the work groove with the Pisces Moon sextile the industrious Capricorn Sun and Pluto first thing. She ends the afternoon square taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius and that suggests some having to stay late at work to play catch up.

We start the day Wednesday with an active Moon in Aries who will make no aspects until around midday on Thursday. Since Mercury moved back into Sagittarius shortly before the Moon hits Aries, the next couple of days have a decided fiery feel for a change. A freewheeling Aries Moon can help us get moving again but I still have to encourage using caution when it comes to committing to big, new ideas and projects, no matter how tempting it might be because Mercury is also slowing to station direct on the weekend.

The Aries Moon shows her contentious side on Thursday when she will square both the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn midday before going on to conjoin Uranus during the evening. Since tact doesn’t come naturally to Aries we might want to make a point of practicing it in order to avoid hurting too many feelings. This is not the best day to schedule meetings with the higher ups. If you can’t hold off until next week, go for tomorrow afternoon when the Moon is in easy going Taurus.

A late morning trine to Mercury in Sagittarius on Friday is the last aspect the Aries Moon makes before being void-of-course for a couple of hours. She will amble into earthy Taurus early afternoon and enjoy a sextile to Venus in Pisces that evening. Friday evening looks very favorable for a nice dinner date with your sweetheart. Overall Friday is calmer and less frantic, perfect for finishing the week with a degree of sanity.

The Moon will be in amiable Taurus for most of the weekend. Saturday features sextiles to Neptune and Mars in Pisces in the morning followed by trines to the Capricorn planets during the afternoon. Altogether this will create a calm nurturing atmosphere where we can enjoy time with family or puttering around the house. Once the Moon sextiles the Capricorn Sun Saturday evening she will be void-of-course until Sunday afternoon.

Between a void-of-course Taurus Moon and Mercury stationing direct on Sunday, it might be a good idea not to plan anything too extravagant. After the Moon enters sociable Gemini in the evening, we may be more interested in spending time with friends but for the most part this is a quiet weekend.

moon phases 90x50

Be prepared for a slower pace this week with Mercury slowing to station direct on the weekend. Allowing more time to make sure all the information is accurate before proceeding is the sensible way to go. Venus in Pisces is a soothing influence though Mercury in Sagittarius is anything but. It will take extra patience and tact to make it through the week without stepping on too many toes. Good luck!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Hoarfrost © Diane Lang