Aries moon has a “don’t tread on me” attitude today 1-5-2017


The Aries Moon has become used to having to put up with Pluto in Capricorn on a regular basis but today she has the Capricorn Sun squaring her during the morning and then Pluto during afternoon. When she catches up with Uranus in Aries this evening, don’t be surprised if her rebellious side comes out! This is not a good day to meet with the powers that be since the temptation to push back will be strong and negatively impact your work situation. If you have things you can work on by yourself the day should go more smoothly. 🌠☽♈🌠

F.Y.I. don’t forget Mercury is now in Sagittarius and moving very slowly towards Sunday’s station. This can create a great deal of frustration and people may be very short tempered. Travel delays are possible and as are missed messages. Since Mercury in Sagittarius is not noted for its reticence, the rhetoric could get quite heated at times.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Aries © Mia Steingraeber


5 responses to “Aries moon has a “don’t tread on me” attitude today 1-5-2017

    • Thanks, CJ. 🙂

      No idea why that would be. 😦 FB keeps changing things behind the scenes too. I believe there is a “Follow” link in the left sidebar for my blog here that has an email delivery option. Going from my experience, the latest post shows up in my email inbox within minutes of being posted. WP is much more efficient than FB. 🙂

      xoxo diane~

      • Yes, I’m subscribed. It’s odd. I used to get them everyday in my email. They stopped appearing when I was getting them on my Auntie Moon FB page. Then when they disappeared from there, they started showing up in my email again. This has been a while, so it’s not MercRx. Crazy!!

        • I used to get your FB page post regularly and Integral Astrology’s. But recently I’ve had to find them myself. I see those posts come up in my Twitter feed but not always on my FB newsfeed. Weird & frustrating.

          xoxo diane~

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