Week of January 9, 2017

Winter Scene by Alton Knoke

All the celestial activity this week is centered on the dynamic Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday. Within a few hours after the Full Moon, Mercury returns to Capricorn and the need to press forward with our plans intensifies. Edgy exchanges are very likely during midweek when emotions are running high.

The Capricorn Sun squares Uranus in Aries on Tuesday and Jupiter in Libra on Wednesday leading up to Thursday’s Full Moon. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition challenges Capricorn’s need for a controlled, orderly approach. This may be one of those instances when the planets in opposition, no matter how much they squabble amongst themselves, will join forces to push their agenda. Jupiter and Uranus both favor a more radical, forward thinking approach than the Capricorn Sun. We could be challenged to reconsider what makes us feel secure, especially when it comes to our home and family. Demanding family members behave according our rules regardless of their feelings probably won’t end well.

One thing I noticed about the Cancer Full Moon is the Grand Cross has the potential to be a very up front and personal experience. The Sun and Moon are about as personal as it gets and Jupiter in Libra is on the edge of the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Anyone with their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Ascendant between 20° to 22° in the cardinal signs are going to be faced with the need to take action of some kind. As the inner planets move into Aries and hit 20° to 22°, this Grand Cross will be triggered again and again. One way or another something is bound to give.

We do have some sweet along with the bitter this week including Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday night, the Capricorn Sun sextile Chiron in Pisces Wednesday and a wonderful Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on Thursday.

Pluto gives Mars in Pisces some backbone and he could come across like Mars in Scorpio . . . more intense, forceful and passionate. Some Pisces folk out there may surprise the heck out of their friends and family when they put their foot down firmly.

The Sun-Chiron sextile may bring awareness of the need to be sensitive to other people’s vulnerabilities rather than stomping all over them. It could also help us take sensible steps to healing our own wounds.

What can I say? Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces is the ultimate romantic aspect, floating around in a fog of idealized Love. Some may meet a person they believe is their soul mate or fall madly in love with someone who only exists in their imagination. For more prosaic souls, this lovely aspect can help us renew the romance in our relationships with a candlelit dinner for two.

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Monday is not really the Gemini Moon’s day nor is it ours if we’re looking for factual information. The Gemini Moon will square all three planets in Pisces starting with a very, very early morning square to Venus, then a square to Neptune as the work day starts and a late afternoon square to Mars in Pisces. If we take into account Mercury is newly direct and still barely moving, the day does not look promising for setting the record straight. Keep communications as clear and simple as possible. You might want to schedule important meetings or critical conversations for later in the week if at all possible.

The situation is somewhat better on Tuesday though with oppositions between the Gemini Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Sagittarius, we will need to be circumspect rather than confrontational. The Moon will be void-of-course mid-afternoon following the opposition to Mercury. She will be much happier after she enters Cancer an hour later. Staying at home this evening is a good bet.

Wednesday has a much better flow to it with the Cancer Moon trine Venus and Neptune in Pisces early in the day, sextile Pluto in Capricorn early evening and trine Mars in Pisces shortly after that. The best solutions can be found intuitively and by being sensitive to other people’s feelings today. This is a good time to make amends before the Full Moon.

Here’s the thing about Thursday. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs before dawn and after that the Moon will be void-of-course for the rest of the day. Mercury returns to Capricorn at dawn adding another planet to water and earth signs with an abundance of cardinal signs. It’s a good day to take a pragmatic approach to our work and forego the dramatics. Once the Moon enters playful Leo late afternoon we might decide to take some downtime to relax. Since Venus conjoins Neptune today our evening plans may take a very interesting turn.

Friday the Leo Moon makes no major aspects though she is inconjunct both Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Be very careful about buying anything using excess glamour as a sales pitch. What may look amazing on the surface could turn into a pumpkin later on. Even though it will probably be hard to concentrate on work today still it would be best to tidy up loose ends at work.

Despite having big plans for this weekend, we may end up lazing about more than anything. The Leo Moon is void-of-course all day Saturday after an early morning trine Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon-Saturn trine may inspire us to consider doing something productive early but the desire to go play increases later on. The Moon enters Virgo in the evening and we may decide going out is too much effort.

We’re reminded Virgo is a mutable sign on Sunday when the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Neptune in Pisces the latter half of the day. We may start off feeling industrious in the morning but that may not last long with other more enticing options on the horizon.

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The pacing this week is erratic at best. We have Mercury starting the week off at a crawl and gradually picking up speed towards the end plus it leaves fiery Sagittarius for cautious Capricorn. The crackling cardinal energy surrounding the Cancer Full Moon demands action but we probably will have difficulty gaining traction right away. Practice active listening skills and patience in order to respond to situations with kindness. Most of all, remember Love is the answer.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Silent Night © Alton Knoke


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