Week of January 16, 2017

ravens against the snow

How time flies when you’re having fun! We’re down to the last few days of Capricorn Season before the Sun rolls into eccentric Aquarius on Thursday. This shift will give us a much needed fixed planet to balance the abundance of pushy cardinal and mushy mutable signs. Speaking of mushy mutable planets, Mars in Pisces is the featured planet this week heading towards a tense square to Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday.

On Monday Mars will conjoin Chiron in Pisces and unless we make a serious effort to be sensitive to others, there may be plenty of toes stomped on. Even if we do our best not to cause other people pain and suffering, it may happen inadvertently. Mars and Chiron are both very thin-skinned in empathetic Pisces and bruise easily. The best outcome is the pain will reveal areas in ourselves and our lives we need to address and inspire us to get working on those.

Saturn in Sagittarius is laying in wait on Thursday to remind Mars in Pisces he really needs to get his act together and take responsibility for his actions. Mars-Saturn aspects generate plenty of frustration that can ultimately lead to great accomplishments if we’re willing to keep slogging along, doing the work. Mars in Pisces tends to express anger in passive-aggressive ways and we may run into plenty of that this week.

Friday Venus in Pisces is sextile Pluto in Capricorn and that ought to put some passion back into our romantic adventures. Venus in Pisces does love romance with some mystery involved and Pluto can always be relied upon to supply mystery. Don’t forget to review your financial situation with astute Pluto on hand to give Venus shrewd advice on money and value.

The big event is the Sun leaving buttoned up Capricorn for cool, eccentric Aquarius on Thursday. The Moon is still in Libra along with Jupiter when the Sun arrives in Aquarius, getting Aquarius Season off to a nice start with enough planets in fire and air to balance the ones in earth and water. Aquarius is the most rational of the air signs and very good at taking the long view.

moon phases 90x50

It appears the Virgo Moon will have a hard time getting her act together on Monday thanks to distractions from Uranus in Aries, the Mars-Chiron conjunction before being reprimanded by Saturn in Sagittarius late afternoon. Late in the evening she will be trine the Capricorn Sun before going void-of-course for a few hours. This looks to be a very “Monday” Monday and if you’re fortunate enough to have the day off (it’s a national holiday in the USA), you’ll fare better than those who are back at work. Be patient and smile if you can.

Tuesday the Moon will already be in Libra when we head out the door. The only major aspect the Moon makes is a midday square to Mercury in Capricorn. When Libra and Capricorn disagree, they usually manage to maintain a degree of civility. People could get snippy today but this should pass fairly quickly because the Libra Moon works hard to keep the peace.

It will be afternoon on Wednesday before the Moon makes her next aspect, the monthly square to Pluto in Capricorn, and then late evening before she opposes Uranus in Aries. We might notice these aspects more than usual because of sore places left from last week’s Full Moon in Cancer with its Cardinal Grand Cross. If you have negotiations to complete or meetings to attend, do those during the morning hours if you can.

During Wednesday night, the Libra Moon will be sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and go void-of-course until mid-late afternoon when she slips into retiring Scorpio. She is still in Libra when the Sun enters Aquarius, giving us a brief shot of extra air, refreshing our minds and helping bring perspective to the issues we’re handling. Shortly after the Moon enters Scorpio, she will square the Aquarius Sun late afternoon, marking the fourth quarter of the Moon.

Friday we are blessed with some sweet aspects to the Scorpio Moon. She will be sextile Mercury in Capricorn at dawn and then trine Neptune in Pisces midday. After that she will sail quietly along making no aspects until the following day. Today favors subtle, non-verbal means of communication and going with our first intuitive impressions. Working alone in a quiet environment is favored for productivity.

Expect for a period during the morning on Saturday the Scorpio Moon happily dances with the Pisces planets starting with Venus before dawn and ending the day trine Mars in the evening. Quiet activities with our closest friends or loved ones will be more comfortable today than attending big, noisy gatherings.

The tone changes dramatically on Sunday when the Moon whips into fiery Sagittarius before dawn. She will be sextile the Aquarius Sun during the morning and then runs free for the rest of the day. We get our first real taste of what it means to have the Sun in Aquarius again. This is the day to get together with like-minded people and talk about everything under the sun. Bring exotic foods and an open mind for a good time. Enjoy!

moon phases 90x50

This week appears to be far less fraught with emotional stress than last week and once the Sun enters cool, detached Aquarius, finding perspective will be possible again. The frustration surrounding the Mars-Saturn square on Thursday will be more manageable under the Aquarius influence. Here’s to more peace and tranquility in our lives.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Ravens and snow © Diane Lang


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