Calm day with the Scorpio Moon 1-20-2017


Well before daybreak the Scorpio Moon is sextile Mercury in Capricorn, very good for articulating our feelings in a clear, understandable way. Then she quietly embraces loving Neptune in Pisces midday and we are reminded why choosing empathy and compassion is healing to the soul. Today is better for working in the background rather than being center stage. The Scorpio Moon can help us concentrate on what we need to do to clear our desks before the weekend. šŸŒ ā˜¾ā™šŸŒ 

Today’s Venus in Pisces sextile to intense Pluto in Capricorn brings out the Scorpio side of this chameleon Venus. She may be more passionate and engaged but Pisces is seldom as possessive as Scorpio. In fact, Venus in Pisces is considered anĀ emotionally elusive placement. If tonight is date night, you might want to go somewhere quiet and intimate rather than braving the crowds at the clubs. Or don’t go out at all but stay home and share a candlelit dinner for two.

A very different side to this Venus-Pluto aspect is it’s ability to help us make sound financial decisions. This is a good time to review your investments or meet with your financial adviser to plan for the coming year. This aspect nicely combines Pisces intuition with Capricorn’s hard headed pragmatism, a winning combination for making sound business decisions.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Ā Scorpio Ā© Pat Brennan


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