More aggressive Capricorn Moon today 1-26-2017

Capricorn's wild side - The Green Man

The first half of the day the Capricorn Moon is in a confrontational mood. She conjoins Pluto long before daybreak and squares Uranus in Aries during the morning with a midday square to Jupiter in Libra. The chief bone of contention will probably revolve around the need to go it alone when playing well with others would be more productive. Remember Capricorn is a practical sign and as long as the work is getting done well in a timely manner won’t fuss too much about particulars. However, if endless bickering interferes with productivity, heads will roll. The energy generated by hard aspects is powerful and can inspire us to work hard towards meeting our goals. 🌠☾♑🌠

By mid-afternoon, the Capricorn Moon will be sextile sympathetic Venus in Pisces and that suggests the possibility we may be able to resolve our differences in an amicable manner. The evening looks peaceful, perfect for coming home and putting our feet up to relax for awhile. The Moon will go void-of-course around midnight following a sextile to Mars in Pisces. This will be a brief void-of-course before the Moon enters Aquarius.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Faun IV © vil-painter


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