Virgo Moon brings things into focus today 2-12-2017

Virgo by_losenko-d5ctg6j

Minor irritations with impatient people occur very early and quite late today when the Virgo Moon has to contend with pushy Mars in Aries before dawn and Uranus in Aries in the evening. Fortunately for us Pluto in Capricorn shows up during the afternoon to help her stay focused. Otherwise she will manage nicely on her own and inspire us to get our lives in order too. A quiet, low key day can reduce stress on the nervous system which is good for Mercury ruled Virgo whose nervous system is a weak point. 🌠☾♍🌠

Virgo Moons are very good for helping us develop good, healthy daily routines and today we can explore ways to improve on those in greater depth. Small adjustments made slowly tend to work out better than attempting to make big, dramatic changes all at once. It is easier to add 5-10 minutes of walking a day rather than find time for 30 – 40 minutes even though that is what many experts say is best. Rather than throw out your New Year’s resolutions, break them down into bite size bits and set small, easily reached goals . . . says someone with a Virgo Midheaven. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Virgo © Mila Losenko


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