New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, February 26, 2017


Water seeps back into the atmosphere on the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 08° 12′ Pisces on 26 February 2017, 06:58 AM PST, dampening the fiery energy generated during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo a couple of weeks ago. The Pisces stellium is like the tide, pulling us along as it inexorably goes in and out.

The Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune form a loose stellium with the powerful luminaries at the center. Interestingly both Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries are caught up with the Pisces planets. Saturn makes an out-of-sign sextile to Mercury in Pisces and Venus is semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces. And because this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, it carries a stronger punch than usual and it is the last eclipse of the Virgo-Pisces eclipse series. We have this odd, uncomfortable mix of endings and beginnings all wrapped in one package, even more so than the usual Pisces New Moon.

Both the Venus-Neptune aspect and the Mercury-Saturn aspect combine disparate elements. However in both instances a positive outcome is very possible. Venus in Aries is not big on empathy but the connection to Neptune in Pisces may be enough to add a touch to this rather self-involved Venus. Saturn in Sagittarius can help Mercury in Pisces establish boundaries and hopefully bring more clarity to our thinking.

Pisces is a dual natured sign and this will be evident now. Ideally we attune ourselves to our better natures and the positive side of Neptune/Pisces: Compassion, inclusiveness, kindness and empathy for all living beings. If we don’t consciously choose to do so, we risk drowning in denial and/or losing ourselves in our addictions, whatever those might be. The problem with that is sooner or later, sobriety returns and the issues often have grown worse while we had our heads stuck in the sand. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is a turning point and we need to put our best attitude forward.

Probably the most intense aspect in this chart is Mars conjoining Uranus in Aries and both opposing Jupiter in Libra. We had a taste of this earlier when Jupiter opposed Uranus on December 26, 2016. Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is about as hot-headed and reckless as it gets. Together they won’t hesitate to run over anything that gets their way. Whether or not Jupiter in Libra can negotiate some type of compromise to prevent those two from rushing off the nearest cliff remains to be seen. Those who have personal planets and/Ascendant from 20° to 23° in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are going to be right in the thick of it. May cooler heads prevail and prevent a complete meltdown.

I prefer to use tight orbs (1° – 2°) when it comes to the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), particularly when it comes to transits/aspects where our personal charts are involved. Mundane astrologers tend to use wider orbs successfully, in part because they deal with broad trends. That’s why I see Pluto standing apart from the rest of the action in this lunation for most of us on the personal level. However it is very possible other astrologers will include Pluto as part of a cardinal T-Square with Mars-Uranus and Jupiter. One way to tell if Pluto is taking an active role in your life is if you feel overwhelmingly compelled to take actions those who care for you see as not being in your best interest. Keep in mind Pluto doesn’t usually allow for “do overs” because it leaves nothing behind except ashes and waste.

The Mars-Uranus opposition to Jupiter may be noisy but ultimately we need to focus our attention on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces because where it falls in our charts is the area in our lives we need to clear out the garbage. Only by letting go of old ways of thinking and being will it be possible to bring something new into ourselves and our lives. Solutions may come to us through dreams and intuition, therefore pay close attention to what appears in your mind as you awaken. Remember to practice kindness and forgiveness, not only to others but to ourselves.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Crescent Moon  © Dodg-e