Capricorn Moon maintains today 2-21-2017

Capricorn, the sea goat

The Moon walked calmly into Capricorn during the night and starts her day with a kindly sextile to the Pisces Sun. The Capricorn-Pisces combination is wonderful for putting our spiritual beliefs into practice through our daily actions . . . in my opinion, there is no better way to improve the quality of our lives. It will late evening before the Capricorn Moon catches up to Venus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Aries will test her patience while Neptune counsels patience. The Moon-Venus square may give us a taste of what is in store for us tomorrow. Make it a priority to get as much done as possible today because tomorrow’s atmosphere is far testier. 🌠☾♑🌠

Mercury in Aquarius is trine Jupiter in Libra today and this one is a winner because it combines perspective with a positive outlook. Please make note of ideas that pop into your head today so those don’t get lost later this week when Mars in Aries is pushing buttons right and left. We need to hold our visions for a better future close to our hearts for now, and when things calm down we can start to work implementing them.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Capricorn © Lynnette Shelley


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