Time to start swimming! Moon leaves Aquarius for Pisces today 2-25-2017

Pisces by Pat Brennan

We start off the day with the Aquarius Moon very much engaged in promoting her particular style of rationality. She will go void-of-course following a midday sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius and it will be late afternoon/early evening before the Moons glides into Pisces. Today strongly favors working together with like-minded people towards goals that will benefit the collective. It is a good time to join with others to help build play grounds, clean up parks, organize projects to help the homeless, etc. There should be enough momentum to keep on going right through the VOC period. Once the Moon is in peaceful Pisces, conjoining Mercury, quiet conversations or choosing to do group meditations may appeal. 🌠☾♒🌠➱🌠☾♓🌠

Mercury’s shift from Aquarius to Pisces happens today, and might cause some to lose their train of thought. Aquarius processes information using logical, linear thinking but Pisces seems to be able to pull the correct answers out of thin air. Their answers are often the same but how they get there is entirely different. Once the Moon joins the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces until late Monday evening, we could get a crash course in intuitive, non-verbal ways to process information. Pay attention to your dreams and what filters into your mind during the transition from sleeping to being awake.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Pisces © Pat Brennan


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