A VOC Taurus Moon crawls along today 3-3-2017


We might as well not get in a big hurry today between the Taurus Moon going void-of-course first thing this morning and Venus in Aries at a standstill. In fact, the Taurus Moon will actively resist any attempts to hurry her along . . . after all her last aspect is a trine to Pluto in Capricorn! We can still get quite a bit accomplished if we work on existing projects at a slow but steady pace. Evening plans to go out may not get off the ground either. Time to stop by your favorite eatery on the way home from work and pick up dinner to take home with you. It will be well before dawn tomorrow morning when the Moon makes it to lively Gemini. 🌠☽♉🌠

Venus is currently at a standstill at 13° 09′ Aries and will officially station retrograde after midnight. The only aspect she makes is an exact semi-sextile to the Pisces Sun. This could have a dampening effect on romantic plans for one reason or another. While it wouldn’t hurt to review your investments and check to see what the market is doing, hold off on making adjustments to your portfolio because values may be in flux until Venus begins to move steadily in reverse. There is a distinct lack of clarity right now.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Taurus © Kim Sol


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