Full Moon in Virgo, March 12, 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius

After the pair of eclipses, a nice ordinary lunation is quite welcome even if it is on the uncomfortable side. The two eclipses were dominated by cardinal fire but the Full Moon at 22° 13′ Virgo on 12 March 2017, 07:54 AM PDT offers the water and earth signs an opportunity to present their side of the story from a fluid, mutable point of view.

The luminaries are caught up with the Jupiter in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition via semi-sextiles and inconjuncts. An awkward rectangle is created between the four planets and finding a way to resolve the dissonance created by this pattern probably won’t happen. Additionally Pluto in Capricorn harmoniously aspects the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon while widely squaring the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. If we want to sell our ideas, base those on good, well documented information rather than flashy, bold theories, and if those ideas benefit those who clearly need help so much the better. Prudent, down to earth strategies are far more likely to be well received.

On a Virgo Full Moon, details matter and the tight square between Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, and Saturn in Sagittarius suggests serious fact checking is going to happen. Be very wary of anyone who is pushing their agenda aggressively and wants an answer NOW because it might be full of inaccurate information that will come back to bite us later.

Pisces’s ruler, Neptune, is semi-sextile retrograde Venus in Aries and that doesn’t bode well for accurately assessing value. Investing a serious amount of money now is not recommended because knowing exactly how much something is worth is the key to smart investing. This aspect may make it challenging to determine whether or not your new love interest is as wonderful as they’d like you to think they are too. Be cautious, do your homework and hold off on agreeing if your intuition is nagging at you all is not as it should be.

We no longer are dealing with impatient Mars in Aries now either. Mars moved into fixed, practical Taurus three days before this lunation, and Mars in Taurus is noted for not rushing . . . ever. He makes no aspects on this lunation but his solid presence adds support to the earth and water contingent.

This Full Moon in Virgo is the perfect opportunity to honor all the quiet, sensible people who are there to help us make necessary appointments, find the right information and who work tirelessly on behalf of others. Patience and persistence in the pursuit of good information is what we need now, not more fireworks and drama. Above all, listen closely to the quiet voice within for guidance when it comes to what is the best fit for us.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon rising over shrub-steppe country © Vik


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  1. Thanks Diane, loved your sum-up in the last paragraph. Less drama and more quiet appreciation. ❤😊

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