Week of March 6, 2017

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We will be much more aware that it is Pisces Season this week with both Mercury and the Sun in Pisces highlighted. Not only that but Mars leaves fiery Aries for placid, earthy Taurus on Thursday and we have the Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday. All in all, the tone should be less dramatic and calmer for a change.

One thing is clear and that is those folks who are in tune with their intuitive side will fare better this week than those who depend heavily on logic and reason. Mercury in Pisces is heavily aspected this week: Monday Mercury will conjoin the Pisces Sun, Tuesday it will be sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Thursday Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter in Libra, Friday it will conjoin Chiron and last but not least Mercury will square Saturn in Sagittarius on Sunday. In other words, by tuning into what our gut has to say early in the week may save us from facing a serious reckoning with the Truth Police over the weekend. Blunt Saturn in Sagittarius will not hesitate to point out misinformation and outright lies in no uncertain terms, especially if the attempt to mislead was deliberate.

The Pisces Sun is sextile Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, the day Mars leaves Aries for Taurus. We can draw on this aspect to put our spiritual beliefs into practice in our everyday lives, and I can think of no better way to live. Pisces needs Capricorn’s knack for working within the system to bring about real world results instead of living in dreamland.

A less happy aspect for the Pisces Sun is an inconjunct to Jupiter in Libra on Saturday because it may cause a bout of irrational exuberance. Either that or we could indulge in a pity party. Neither option is all that healthy. A large dose of good, old fashioned common sense is probably the best remedy and the Full Moon in sensible Virgo on Sunday might deliver it. By the way, that Full Moon in Virgo looks to be a bracing experience!

Mars has had a fine time in his home sign of Aries, running around starting fires in order to put them out. When enters Taurus on Thursday he will become a much more stabilizing factor, in part because Taurus is a fixed sign. Mars in sturdy, earthy Taurus will anchor us to the here and now . . . something we’ve lacked since Mercury left fixed Aquarius. Mars will remain in Taurus until April 21, a few days after the Sun enters Taurus taking over his job. I believe we will have many opportunities in the coming weeks to be thankful for this steady, matter of fact Mars.

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We have another week starting off with a full day of a unaspected Moon, and it is actually a very freeing feeling when the Moon gets to do her own thing. This time she is in Cancer, and Cancer Moons are good for tending anything related to our immediate family, from making sure the kids have what they need for school or checking in with parents to see how they are doing. Since the Pisces Sun conjoins Mercury today, throwing in a heartfelt hug or two to let family members know they are loved is a good form of nonverbal communication.

The Cancer Moon has more challenges on Tuesday with some sweetness in the mix. Her midday trines to the Pisces Sun and Mercury in Pisces are especially good for adding some empathy. It is her late day squares to Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries that could make for a cranky evening. Don’t pinch your loved ones too hard!

There is nothing like the Cancer Moon squaring Mars in Aries first thing Wednesday morning before going briefly void-of-course to get the day off to a grouchy start. Thankfully the Moon shifts into outgoing, good humored Leo in short order and we can shake off the angst before going about our business. The Leo Moon will make no aspects until first thing Thursday morning so nothing will interfere with her ability to spread warm, fuzzy feelings. Wednesday and Thursday look like the best days this week to schedule meetings as well as other people oriented activities.

The only major aspect the Leo Moon makes on Thursday is a delightful trine to Venus in Aries during the morning, perfect for meeting and greeting folks with a big, friendly smile. Her exuberant style may not set well with stuffier types but that can be smoothed over.

It is a similar situation on Friday when the Leo Moon is trine Saturn in Sagittarius during the morning after which she will go void-of-course until mid afternoon. Once she enters Virgo her first aspect is a trine to hardworking Mars in Taurus. This bodes well for finishing up necessary work before the weekend. Some people may be inspired to work later than usual in order to leave nothing undone.

Weekends with the Moon in dutiful Virgo are not usually the best for throwing parties or laying about though we might be tempted to take a breather Saturday afternoon when the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. The urge to putter around the house and yard doing small but necessary projects will be strong most of the weekend.

Sunday the Full Moon in Virgo with all its edges will probably demand the better share of our attention. The square between Mercury in Pisces and stern Saturn in Sagittarius is exact early Sunday shortly before the Full Moon. The Virgo Moon will square Saturn and oppose Mercury late in the day, and the need to ascertain whether or not we were given accurate, detailed information will be on many minds now. Sunday may not be a very restful day. It is also the day Daylight Savings Time begins here in the USA . . . ever so much fun!

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For the most part this week is far less demanding than last week and we can use some breathing space. Usually the days leading up to a Full Moon have plenty of momentum and we can draw on that to do what we need to accomplish. The irritability factor increases on the weekend and those who have activities planned may want to take that into account. One thing we do need to be mindful about is making sure we are sharing accurate, honest information. Stay safe and be well.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Adrift © Ron Cameron


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