Full Moon in Virgo brings a wake-up call 3-12-2017

Today’s Full Moon in Virgo asks us to make sure the information we’re using and sharing with others is accurate. If it is not, the repercussions could be quite uncomfortable for everyone. After the Full Moon is over this morning, it will be late afternoon/early evening before the Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius before opposing Mercury in Pisces. She will be void-of-course until around midnight when she enters Libra. 🌠🌕♍🌠

The key aspect today is Mercury in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, amplified when the Virgo Moon creates a T-Square with those planets late in the day. The expression “the devil is in the details” applies now, and Virgo is nothing if not serious about details. Glossing over specifics in order to avoid calling attention to their inaccuracy is not a good idea because someone is going to notice. We need to be able to validate our answers with clear, easily verified data. By the way, this is the last aspect Mercury will make in Pisces because it enters straight shooting Aries tomorrow afternoon.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Moon caught in the trees © Diane Lang


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