Mixed messages from the Capricorn Moon today 3-21-2017

The Capricorn Moon’s day starts off quite pleasantly with a trine to Mars in Taurus well before dawn and a benign sextile to Neptune in Pisces midday. Pisces has a knack for bringing out the best in Capricorn and this morning is a good time to ask for a favor on someone else’s behalf. Late in the afternoon a square to Mercury in Aries has the opposite effect. Resist the urge to use emotional blackmail because people will react with sharp, hurtful words. This is especially true if there is a child-parent dynamic at work. 🌠☾♑🌠

We can draw on the Capricorn Moon’s strong work ethic to make inroads into our work load over the next couple of days. The distractions are minimal and easily worked around. Later this week the atmosphere is going to be strained by Mercury in Aries arguing with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. Time to get busy!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Capricorn © Ekaterina Bedova

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