Gemini Moon awakens our curiosity today 3-31-2017

Once the Gemini Moon dances onto the scene mid morning, she will awaken our curious side again but before that a void-of-course Taurus Moon may make getting up and moving a challenge. A sparkling sextile to Venus in Aries midday brings out our flirtatious side and revives interest in going out for the evening. Attend to more practical matters first thing this morning and save tasks that require working with other people until midday. Gemini Moons are very good for talking things over with friends or colleagues. This evening is one the best we’ve had in awhile for enjoying going out to play under the gregarious Gemini Moon. 🌠☽♉🌠➱🌠☽♊🌠

On a different note, Mercury leaves impatient, fiery Aries for more contained, pragmatic Taurus today. Mercury in Taurus prefers to take its time and think things through before speaking which can create a misleading impression of being not too bright. Mistake! This Mercury excels at seeing practical applications and is very stubborn (tenacious). 🙂 By the way, Mercury will be stationing retrograde on April 9 at 4° 51′ Taurus.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Gemini Fairies © Sandra MacDougall


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