Week of April 3, 2017

This is a great week for anyone who loves taking their time and doing it right but for those who prefer to live running from one thing to the next, frustration is in store. Mercury in deliberate Taurus is slowing to station retrograde on Sunday and Saturn stations retrograde on Wednesday square Venus in Pisces. Adding tension late in the week is the Aries Sun opposing Jupiter in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars in Taurus is chugging along now and this week he will bump into the Jupiter-Pluto square. On Tuesday Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter in Libra and on Wednesday he will be trine Pluto in Capricorn. I suspect we’ll be further ahead to stick with the plans we already have in place rather than jumping into something new, even if it sounds exciting. Pragmatic considerations take precedence over interesting but risky choices.

Here’s the thing about Saturn stations . . . Saturn remains at the same degree for total of over nine weeks with the exact station point in the middle. In other words we’ve been living with Saturn at 27° Sagittarius since March 6 and will continue to do so until May 8. What does stand out about this Saturn station retrograde is it square retrograde Venus in Pisces, exact on Saturday. Getting impatient with monetary transactions moving too slowly or waiting for a lover to commit will prove counterproductive. Yelling at the parties involved may produce less action, not more.

Enduring the Aries Sun translating the Jupiter in Libra-Pluto in Capricorn square Friday and Saturday is essentially a reiteration of the themes we dealt with last week when Mercury in Aries did the same. Because it is the Sun instead of Mercury our sense of self is involved. The Aries Sun-Jupiter in Libra opposition is an interesting blend of understanding the value of cooperation while at the same time feeling quite independent. The key is recognizing relationships work best between equal partners who respect each other and themselves. It is Pluto in Capricorn who may throw the balance off with his insistence he is in charge whether he is or not. We need to be careful about throwing our weight around because the push back could be devastating.

We’ll notice the effects of Mercury in Taurus slowing to station retrograde increasing over the course of the week. Mercury in Taurus does not like to be rushed and will shut down completely if pushed too hard. Give people lots of room to think things through because nagging won’t work. People may be slower than usual to respond to efforts to communicate.

We are treated to a moody Cancer Moon on Monday when she alternates between sweet and sour aspects. Her day starts with smooth trine to Neptune in Pisces (sweet) and then turns sour when she squares the Aries sun. Towards evening she’ll gain strength through a sextile Mars in Taurus before squaring Jupiter in Libra and opposing Pluto in Capricorn during the evening. All together it means we’ll find keeping a steady flow going on the job challenging. Do your best but if that means postponing delicate negotiations until later in the week, do so.

Tuesday finds the Cancer Moon in a better place once she squeaks past an early morning square to Uranus in Aries. By the afternoon she will be trine Venus in Pisces before going void-of-course for an hour or so. Once the Moon moves into outgoing Leo the atmosphere will lighten and we’ll feel more like being around people again. Working alone is better during the morning. Make calls and/or meet with others during the afternoon if possible.

For most of day on Wednesday the Leo Moon travels unaspected until she embraces the Aries Sun in the evening. We get a nice taste of Leo style warmth which may help offset the fact this is the day Saturn stations retrograde. Working within clear boundaries and established guidelines is prudent at this time.

On Thursday the Leo Moon will complete a Grand Trine in fire with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. The trine to Uranus happens midday and the one Saturn towards evening, after which the Moon will be void-of-course until the middle of the night. As long as we keep expectations in check, this should be a good day for either work or play.

Early Friday morning the sensible Virgo Moon is trine Mercury in Taurus . . . nothing better for getting the work day off to a good start. The Virgo Moon won’t make another aspect until a late night opposition to Neptune in Pisces. The only caveat is Mercury is at a virtual standstill preparing to station retrograde on Sunday, so everything may take longer than anticipated. Nonetheless we can get plenty done if we work slowly and carefully.

A wise course of action on Saturday is to keep our heads down and take care of our usual Saturday chores at home. The Virgo Moon completes a Grand Trine in earth with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars conjunct Ceres in Taurus, perfect for getting our hands in dirt working in the garden. Since the Aries Sun is caught in the Jupiter square Pluto drama at this time, we can use some low key, stress busting activities to occupy us.

During the night the Virgo Moon will square Saturn in Sagittarius before going void-of-course until dawn when the Moon moves into airy Libra. She will make no major aspects until late Monday, giving us plenty of time to absorb her message of peace and equity. This is also the day Mercury stations retrograde at 4° Taurus, so we can use the Libra Moon’s desire to keep the peace to help keep frustrations in check.

We’re moving into a slow period with both Mercury and Venus retrograde as well as Jupiter and Saturn. While the Sun is still in impatient Aries along with Uranus, making the necessary adjustments in pacing will probably be rather trying at times. The thing is I doubt if forcing the pace will be productive and may produce the opposite result. What might help is getting back in touch with the natural world and its cycles. Practice patience and tolerance please!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Daffodils on the verge © Diane Lang


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