Virgo Moon minds the details 4-7-2017

The Moon left fiery Leo for sensible Virgo during the night and she will keep us focused on the details today. The only aspect the Virgo Moon makes today is helpful trine to Mercury in Taurus. As long as we keep in mind Mercury has reached its station degree of 4° Taurus (it stations retrograde late Sunday) and allow for that, we can still stay on task at work today. Sticking with our usual Friday routines will probably go more smoothly than attempting something new. 🌠☽♍🌠

Adding a rush of excitement is the Aries Sun opposing Jupiter in Libra today. Aries and Libra can work together quite effectively if there is a plan in place. Aries tends to be better at setting priorities and Libra excels at working as part of a team. This is one of those times when allowing people to demonstrate their expertise will work out better than insisting on running the show even if we haven’t a clue about what to do. Good partners have no problem letting someone do what they do best. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Virgo © Mila Losenko

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