Aquarius Moon brings much needed perspective today 4-19-2017

The Moon leaves Capricorn for Aquarius before dawn today and squares Mercury Rx in Taurus about an hour and a half later. The open minded Aquarius Moon is willing to explore unusual options while Mercury in Taurus is suspicious of anything not tried and true. Fixed sign disagreements are not easily resolved and most of us don’t have time to do more than agree to disagree. Let go and move on to other things since the Moon will be unaspected until midday tomorrow, giving us plenty of time to take a step back and find another way through the maze. 🌠☾♒🌠

Today the Sun leave impetuous Aries for staid Taurus and promptly conjoins retrograde Mercury in Taurus. We have a brief period when fixed earth dominates the sky before Mercury returns to Aries midday tomorrow. This is bound to create some cognitive dissonance that will unfold over the next few days. Some folk will hold on to their opinions no matter what while others will immediately choose to go with new evidence. I suggest holding off on choosing a position too soon because Mercury is still retrograde, and until Mercury goes direct we could be missing key information. One bright spot is Mercury in Aries will be trine Saturn in Sagittarius for the next few weeks, adding a breath of sanity.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Aquarius © Hans Peter Kolb

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