Moon leaves airy Aquarius for Pisces’s waters today 4-21-2017

Thanks to the Aquarius Moon receiving support from Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury Rx in Aries this morning, it is the more favorable time for group discussions or finishing up end of the week tasks. Following a brief void-of-course midday, the Moon slides into Pisces where she will immediately square Mars in Gemini. This will probably result in all kinds of distractions due to short tempers and shorter attention spans. Late afternoon/early evening the Pisces Moon enjoys a sextile to the Taurus Sun, wonderful aspect for enjoying a quiet meal with a nice glass of wine in order to relax. 🌠☾♒🌠➱🌠☾♓🌠

We have two more events to get through today: Mars leaves calm Taurus for edgy Gemini and Venus in Pisces makes her last square to Saturn in Sagittarius.

One big difference between Mars in Taurus and Mars in Gemini is attention span . . . Mars in Gemini has little to none. We’ll have to get used to the itch to move on to something new before our current task is completed. This tendency will be exacerbated as long as Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is retrograde in Aries. By the way, people will probably a lot more vocal about expressing their frustrations for the next couple of weeks. *sigh*

This final Venus-Saturn square marks a turning point and the need to commit to the decisions we weighed over the past few weeks regarding love and money. It might be tempting to put off implementing those choices off but in many ways that would be delaying the inevitable. Saturn has a way of getting his point across sooner or later. Suck it up and do it!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Pisces © JekyYoung


2 responses to “Moon leaves airy Aquarius for Pisces’s waters today 4-21-2017

  1. I lost my dog of 13 years on the transition day. Find it interesting as I have a natal Aquarius moon. I feel like I was pushed into a decision I knew I had to make, but thought I had more time.

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