Week of April 24, 2017

We’re clearly in Taurus Season now with the New Moon in Taurus happening on Wednesday, anchoring the week. It will likely be a low key week in part because that is Taurus’s preference. Unlike Aries, who is happiest dashing about putting out fires, Taurus ambles slowly but steadily forward with as few side trips as possible.

The New Moon in Taurus is about making fresh starts but not without doing our homework to ensure we know exactly what we’re working with. Remember Mercury is still retrograde and that means carefully vetting all information before presenting it publically. Going with the prudent, practical option makes more sense now than backing something more risky.

Mercury Rx in Aries is featured in two important aspects this week. On Monday it makes the first of two exact trines to Saturn in Sagittarius and on Friday, the first of two exact conjunctions with Uranus . . . one set each on either side of Mercury stationing direct on May 3. What this boils down to is the Mercury-Uranus conjunction will be trine to Saturn in Sagittarius for the time being. Saturn provides the necessary ballast to keep Mercury-Uranus from drifting too far into the stratosphere pursuing off the wall theories. We have a great opportunity to come up with innovative but workable solutions now.

We finally see Venus return to Aries on Friday and that will help us move past some of the challenges of the Venus retrograde period. Venus in Aries is not inclined to dwell on the past and, unlike Venus in Pisces, is not particularly sentimental. She is much more interested in having a good time in her cheerful, outgoing way. Her message to us is let go and move on.

On Sunday, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Chiron in Pisces and that could bring up painful reminders of what the Venus-Saturn squares brought to the surface. Be kind and respectful of our own vulnerabilities and those of our loved ones. It is seldom a good idea to rub salt in old wounds.

Get ready for takeoff on Monday with a free and easy Aries Moon leading the way. The only aspect she makes is an evening opposition to Jupiter in Libra, and that bodes well for lively but fun exchanges. Use the momentum to make inroads on your ‘to do’ list.

The unpredictability factor increases midday Tuesday when the Aries Moon conjoins first Uranus and then retrograde Mercury. Interruptions and missed calls are likely. The pace evens out during the late afternoon when the Moon is trine Saturn in Sagittarius before going void-of-course until evening when she ambles into Taurus for the night.

Wednesday is the Taurus New Moon with its accent of proceeding with deliberation. A late afternoon/early evening sextile to Neptune in Pisces gives us permission to relax for awhile and contemplate where we want to go next. This is a better time to discuss new plans rather than implement them.

The Taurus Moon is sextile to Chiron and Venus in Pisces Thursday afternoon and evening, bringing out her nurturing side. These are great aspects for gardening projects including transplanting tender plants. After a brief void-of-course, the Moon dashes into lively Gemini for the evening.

On Friday a predawn conjunction with Mars energizes the Gemini Moon, and may have some folks waking up too early with busy brains. It will be late afternoon/early evening before Neptune in Pisces squares the Gemini Moon, followed later by a trine to Jupiter in Libra. Since Venus returns to Aries first thing this morning, the party mood could strike early and continue well into the night. Don’t let the desire to leave work early interfere with making sure everything is buttoned up before you head out.

Most of the day Saturday looks great for social activities of the free and easy variety. People are going to want to come and go as they please with the Gemini Moon sextile the Mercury-Uranus in Aries conjunction during the first part of the day. By late afternoon, the party atmosphere dies down thanks to the Gemini Moon opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. By evening the Moon shifts into homebody Cancer, ending the social whirl for the weekend.

Spending the day working around the house or hanging out with family is favored by the Cancer Moon on Sunday. She will be sextile the Taurus Sun midday and trine Neptune in Pisces late afternoon/early evening, both aspects support quiet times with loved ones. Good time to get some rest before starting all over again.

On the whole this is a more sedate week than last but there is still an underlying feeling we’re getting mixed messages. On one hand the Sun is in placid Taurus and the Taurus New Moon favors keeping things simple. On the other hand, there are now more planets in fire and air again, especially once Venus hits Aries on Friday, which will add an extra zing and need for more excitement. It does give us options though because those who enjoy a brisker pace can pursue that . . . as long as they do their best not to disturb the casual strollers out there. Stay in your own lane please!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Down on the farm © Diane Lang


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