Sagittarius Moon lightens the atmosphere today 5-11-2017

Late yesterday afternoon, the Moon went void-of-course following the Full Moon in Scorpio. She finally reaches fiery Sagittarius midday today. It will be very early tomorrow morning before the Sagittarius Moon makes her first aspect so she has an extended period of running free. This should ease the tensions and intensity of the past couple of days giving us a much needed break. Keep your workload light if possible for the next couple of days. The morning is better for doing simple, routine tasks and we may have a hard time keeping our minds on work during the afternoon. 🌠☾♏🌠➱🌠☾♐🌠

We have two major aspects occurring today: Mars in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces at 13° and Mercury in Aries will be trine Saturn in Sagittarius at 26°. On one hand, the Mars-Neptune square is very hard on our sense of purpose and direction. We could end up chasing illusions or lack the energy to get out of bed. On the other hand, the Mercury-Saturn trine is great for finally seeing how we can successfully implement ideas we’ve been working on the past few weeks. Mixed messages indeed! At least the Mercury-Saturn trine should help us realize if the Mars-Neptune square is leading us astray. Good luck!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Archer © Cynthia Radthorne

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