Homebody Cancer Moon is in charge today 5-27-2017

We wake up to a very different atmosphere this morning thanks to the Moon now being in homebody Cancer. She will not make any aspects until very early tomorrow morning so it’s an undiluted Cancer Moon day. The urge to be around people that is part of Gemini Season is still evident but the Cancer Moon prefers to socialize with family first and foremost. Here in the USA it is Memorial Day weekend when we honor those who have passed away. Family gatherings are an important part of this. Today is far more low key than tomorrow . . . enjoy some quality time with your loved ones now. 🌠☽♋🌠

Today Mercury in Taurus is inconjunct Jupiter in Libra and it will be sextile Neptune in Pisces during the night. Since Jupiter in Libra is still within orb of being inconjunct Neptune, these three planets create a Yod with Jupiter at the apex and Mercury sextile Neptune as the base. Yods are always challenging because they contain disparate elements who do not work well together. The Mercury-Neptune sextile is highly intuitive and excellent at interpreting non-verbal clues. Mercury inconjunct Jupiter can lead to wanting to see only the positive at the expense of common sense, and the Jupiter-Neptune inconjunct only strengthens this attitude. We could end up playing with glorious ideas entirely divorced from reality. Sooner or later the real world will intrude and the fog will lift. How harsh the landing is can depend on how much we invested in those dreams.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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