Week of June 12, 2017

The Sun and Mercury in Gemini are front and center this week which is bound to have an impact on our mental processes, and Mercury in Gemini will need to do some fancy footwork to steer clear of serious potholes. In addition we have Neptune stationing retrograde on Friday at 14° 16′ Pisces.

We will need to be especially careful about verifying whether or not we’re working with good information on Tuesday when Mercury in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Libra and square Neptune in Pisces. Between Jupiter’s tendency to exaggerate for the sake of a good story and Neptune’s capacity for denial, figuring out who is lying and who is telling us the truth is not going to be easy. Don’t worry . . . when Mercury opposes Saturn in Sagittarius on Sunday, he’ll do his best to set the facts straight.

Mercury has one more hurdle to face on Thursday night when it is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This promises to be uncomfortable for those who didn’t do their homework before offering unsubstantiated opinions. Obviously the answer is to work very hard at being honest and making sure your data is accurate in the first place!

The Gemini Sun gets its hit from Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday when these two form an opposition. Whether or not Saturn has to put on his taskmaster hat depends on how diligently we’ve been attending to our responsibilities. The thing about Saturn is he is good about rewarding those who have been following his rules.

Thankfully the Gemini Sun does get to enjoy an exciting sextile to Uranus in Aries on Sunday. This one can inspire us to do something different that will get our creative juices flowing, or to simply take a break from our usual routines.

Most of the time we may not even notice a Neptune station because he stays at the station degree for so long and usually operates so deep in the background. Those who have hard natal aspects in the mutable signs at 14° are the ones most likely to be affected. For example, if you have a natal square between your Pisces Sun and Mars in Gemini at 14°, Neptune will be conjoining your Sun and triggering the natal square. Part of the reason we seldom notice troublesome Neptune events until well after the fact is because we’re in denial caused by Neptune in the first place.

Use the first half of the day on Monday to initiate new projects if you can. Once the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries midday, she will go void-of-course until late afternoon/early evening. Capricorn Moons are good at keeping the momentum going so all in all we do get the week off to a good start. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius intellectual pursuits may appeal.

Tuesday could get off to an uneven start when the Aquarius Moon is distracted by first Mars in Cancer, then Venus in Taurus. Aquarius is not that good with the type of complicated emotional issues those two are likely to cause. The day will improve as it goes on when the Aquarius Moon creates a Grand Trine in air with Jupiter in Libra and Mercury in Gemini. This is a wonderful influence for playing with speculative ideas that may or may not have any basis in reality but are really fun to contemplate.

A lively exchange of ideas and possibilities continues on Wednesday with the Aquarius Moon trine the Gemini Sun late in the afternoon. Both Tuesday and Wednesday are good for holding meetings to set long term goals for group activities. The Aquarius Moon goes void-of-course late Wednesday night and the Moon dives into Pisces before dawn on Thursday.

The Moon will be in Pisces until Saturday morning but Thursday is the most favorable for actually getting something accomplished. Most of the day Thursday the Pisces Moon works in the background promoting her brand of quiet good will. Late afternoon/early evening she will be trine Mars in Cancer, good for planning family activities all will enjoy.

Friday the Pisces Moon will conjoin a stationary Neptune in Pisces first thing in the morning and things could slide off course easily. There will be a period of clarity during the afternoon when the Moon is sextile pragmatic Pluto in Capricorn but she goes on to square Mercury in Gemini in the evening. Plans could take some odd twists and turns so make sure you have alternatives in mind.

The tone changes dramatically midday Saturday when the Moon blasts into fiery Aries. She makes no aspects until before dawn Sunday morning, so we get a dose of undiluted Aries Moon who is happiest dashing about doing her own thing. Going off on our own will probably work out better than attempting to organize activities with others. The Aries Moon brings out everyone’s independent streak.

Sunday the Aries Moon get charged up by a pre-dawn square to Mars in Cancer and a midday opposition to Jupiter in Libra. Aries enjoys a good challenge as do most of the other cardinal signs though not quite so blatantly as Aries. Feisty types will do much better now than more laid-back people. Good day to do something very physical that involves heavy lifting to help burn off the excess energy. A square to Pluto in Capricorn in the evening keeps the tension going into the night. Let’s just say it doesn’t look like very restful Sunday.

Handle important matters as early in the week as possible because the Neptune haziness will gradually deepen as the week goes on. Air signs please take note . . . Tuesday and Wednesday when the Moon is in Aquarius will be the last time for awhile when air is the dominate element, so enjoy the brief moment of objectivity while it lasts. The potential for confusing facts with fiction is high this week, making it a poor time to make critical decisions. Pay more attention to people’s actions than their words for now. Please stay safe and practice kindness.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Lupines in soft light © Diane Lang

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