New Moon in Cancer, June 23, 2017

What a difference a lunar cycle can make! We dive back into the deep waters again on this New Moon at 02° 47′ Cancer on 23 June 2017 07:31 PM PDT. Water and earth are clearly in charge on this lunation with three planets in signs that they rule: Moon in Cancer, Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces.

The luminaries create a stellium in Cancer with Mercury, entwining the thought process with emotions. While this gives us the ability to articulate our feelings, it is important to be aware the bias is towards subjectivity. If we do our best to keep this in mind, we may avoid the blind spots created tripping us up big time down the line. The best workaround is to engage our emotional intelligence and tune into what our intuitive side has to say.

The other planet in Cancer is Mars, and his strength is reinforced via a trine to Neptune in Pisces. That’s a good thing because Mars is also square to Jupiter in Libra, an acrimonious aspect. Don’t forget Jupiter in Libra is still inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. In this instance Jupiter might have a louder voice but the Mars-Neptune trine will quietly but relentlessly find ways to win out in the end. If we’re looking for success we need to find ways to support programs and ideas that favor helping families, children and increasing a sense of security for people on a personal level. Cancer isn’t as concerned as Libra is with equity for all but rather focuses on what’s best for the home and family unit.

For those interested in building some financial security, Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn can help us find ways to make this a reality. Venus in Taurus has a good eye for value and Pluto in Capricorn excels at taking the long view when it comes to investing wisely. This may not be the most romantic aspect but it is very good for couples who need to sit down and discuss how to handle their money issues in a pragmatic manner.

We’re fortunate Saturn in Sagittarius is still widely trine Uranus in Aries on this lunation. As long as Saturn continues to keep Uranus from going to extremes, we all benefit from Uranus’s ability to inspire new, creative solutions that, thanks to Saturn’s practicality, are actually workable .

The combination of the New Moon in Cancer following on the heels of the Solstice enhances the sense we have an opportunity to make a fresh start. We will need to give ourselves time to adjust to the abrupt shift from air to water which in this case means spending less time in our heads and more in our hearts. There is no need to push ahead but instead allow events to unfold as they will. Go with the flow is always the best policy when water signs are in ascendance after all. Enjoy!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: New Moon © Shirley Kite


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